January 21, 2018

A Mother’s Warrior Soul

Introducing Jimmy Green, the character created to tell my stories, in another stolen excerpt from my upcoming book entitled “A Fighter to the Finish” from which ‘A Mother’s Warrior Soul’ was pulled, soon to be published on Amazon Kindle Books.

While he was still a teenager living at home and attending the local high school, an incident occurred involving Jimmy’s mom which he believes is worthy of telling here because it so typified the fighter character, awesome willpower and ferocious protectiveness of his mother toward her children.

It was also the first time in his life that he would come to fully understand from first hand experience just how much of a ‘fighter to the finish’ she really was, with that trait being exemplified in spades entirely on his behalf.

He was in grade eleven at the time and had managed to run afoul of the leader of a local gang of hoods as they were known then. The leader and his gang of a dozen or so followers were constantly hounding and harassing him, but he was naturally reticent about getting into the fight they were itching for.

One summer afternoon after school he left to walk across town to where his mom was babysitting one of his sister’s kids. He was followed and harassed by the gang the entire way. His mom asked what was going on as soon as he walked in the door, as she could see and hear the crowd outside shouting taunts and insults at him.

Moments after her question and his muttered answer there was a tremendous pounding on the front door and Jimmy went to the door to confront his nemesis and tell the guy to get lost.

That may have been his intent but that wasn’t quite the way it all worked out in the scheme of things. The guy said something insultingly to him about being a coward hiding behind his mother’s skirts and Jimmy lost all semblance of control. Out the door he went and they wound up on the street in front of the house in a ferocious brawl, with the gang members gathered around and egging their leader on to finish him.

Being brave and stupid is one thing, Jimmy says; but also not being a skilled fighter meant that he was definitely getting the worst end of the exchange by the time he heard a sound he says he can only describe as the bull bellow roar of an enraged grizzly!

The next thing he remembers is the thundering arrival of the cavalry in the form of his mom charging full tilt into the fray with one of her slippers in hand, which she promptly proceeded to use to whale the living tar out of his opponent’s head and shoulders; all the while using the kind of arcane and profane language Jimmy didn’t even know she could speak.

He found himself suddenly standing alone in the middle of an absolutely empty street, knowing full well from long and personal experience how lethal that slipper could feel when wielded with the power of her convictions.

He says that as embarrassed as one part of him felt at that moment, there was something absolutely awesome about watching her primal ferocity as she drove the whole terrified works of them of them pell-mell down the street with her flailing slipper. They were obviously not ready for this at all and she was hot on their heels, roaring and bellowing imprecations, swinging left and right and making wonderfully solid head or body hits on every kid she could reach with every blow. She drove them right to the end of the block in total disarray amid their own cries of fear and cowardice. It was an utterly magnificent and inspiring performance, he says.

Jimmy had never witnessed a mother’s warrior soul in action before this, but he sure had now.

When she finally turned back towards Jimmy he says it was to see her stumping along on the pavement with one foot bare and one not, her weapon of choice from the bare foot still clutched tightly in her hand and wearing a proprietary look on her face such as he had never known she could show. By the time she reached him she had a crooked grin on her face and a sparkling humorous glint in her eyes that spoke volumes to him about the caring and protective mother that she clearly saw herself as.

Embarrassed though he might have been, Jimmy says he personally had never been prouder of his mom than he was at that moment for what she had shown him of herself. But that was a part of who she was – fiercely protective of her own and ready to fight for them at the drop of a slipper.

It was to be the only time in his life that he was to be honored in such a way by his mother’s warrior soul, and it stands as a powerful beacon in his memories of her.

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