December 15, 2017

Crossroads of Life

My poetic Aunt Helen was 78 years old when her husband passed away and she encountered the crossroads of life. She had always been a most special and loving aunty to me through all the growing up years of my life; and tough as her marriage to a very morally stiff Uncle John must have often been, she had persevered because of the love and commitment in her heart for him.

Marriage vows were still taken seriously and meant to last for life in their generation, coming as they both did from an era of Victorian time which frowned heavily upon those who had the temerity to break them in any way, shape or form. They epitomized that standard of commitment in a lifetime shared together, and his loss was of natural consequence a blow to the heart of her reason for being.

It was in thinking about and remembering their life together as I’d often viewed it through the years, that words of comfort and remembrance were given for me to write to her to lighten the burdens encountered at these crossroads of her life.

I share those poetic words with you now in honor to that kind of loving commitment.


You Have…

You have walked life’s road, lo, these many years Together in body and heart; You have shared the dreams, the joys and the tears Of two lives that now must part.

You have been called to that test we are all called to take When a spirit you must release; You have been called to the shores of a mighty lake Where that spirit will find it’s peace.

You have reason to take the time to grieve And release your husband for life; You have reason to know that what you believe Will sustain his widowed wife.

You have walked the valleys so shadowed and still With nary a trace of light; You have climbed those mountains of the human will That have proved life’s road so right.

You have tested the boundaries of spiritual thought And found that no boundaries exist; You have learned together what the Spirit has taught And your lives did this truth consist.

You have traveled those rivers through the canyons of life Where the current runs swift and deep; You have tasted together the victories so rife And those memories you now must keep.

You have given much through the months and the years Of a life you have shared from your heart; You have sown those seeds through your many tears And those seeds have bloomed from the start.

You have been given the blessing of long years shared Through so many fine things to recall; You have been given the strength of a spirit paired With a Creator who cares for it all.

You have been given much through those halls of Time And much you should now recall; You have memories of life no words can rhyme And your heart will remember them all.

You have, you see, that privilege of grief And the healing that it will bring;You have the gift of Time, and Time’s relief That will cause your heart to sing.

You have the chords of that song buried deep inside And it’s notes will yet be heard; You have God’s assurance running deep and wide That this chorus will eternity gird.

You have…

Your thoughts about this short story and poem about the crossroads of life are welcome – just enter them in the comment form below and let’s talk about it.


  1. Walt Matthies says:

    Well, it’s easy to see that you are definitely related to Aunt Helen, it would seem the poetic genes run deep.
    You are certainly right about the sometimes tough live she lived but also the unspoken commitment to that life back in those days, I remember my own parents all too well. Like it’s said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, I don’t think there was anyone tougher than our parents and others of that generation.

    Take care, will look forward to your work on Amazon.

    • Thanks Walt! Glad you found me, cousin! Been an awful long time since we crossed paths, it seems like. Where have the years gone, eh?
      Well if you enjoyed that poem you’ll probably really enjoy the book I plan to publish hopefully early next year sometime. It’s called “The Storyteller and the Poet” and it’ll take you on the complete journey of my becoming both a poet and a storyteller. Watch for it show up on Amazon.
      Good to hear from you, Walt. Take care always.

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