December 15, 2017

Days of unparallelled Beauty and Wonder

As both a storyteller and poet I consider myself to be a very lucky guy – for a whole bunch of inspirational reasons all revolving around the incredible part of the world I live in, and the days of unparallelled beauty and wonder which fill its calendar year round.

When you arrived at this website what’s the first picture you saw, other than my own smiling face? Yeah, it was that awesome scenery shot on my home page of a huge lake ringed by massive snow topped mountains that captured your eye, wasn’t it? Now take a look at the other amazing scenery  shot taken from that same locale included with this post, and allow yourself  to imagine living life in this kind of place…

Picture for a moment what it must be like to have to live in a log cabin on a 4,000 foot mountain top, and be forced to look at that kind of aching beauty on a 360 degree circuit of your eyes every single day all summer long.

As the saying goes, “It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!”

Feel free to give me that kind of a tough job anytime you want, believe me!

Imagine watching the light conditions change all over the face of those magnificent lands, altering the shades and perspectives of their view through the morning and afternoon hours – all the way into the brilliant hues of the Midnight Sun finally laying itself to rest behind those mountains sometime around that midnight hour.

Can you see in your mind’s eye those sometimes small and often times huge  patterns of cumulus clouds floating over a vastness of sky, casting their darkening shadows over the landscape below; and envision both the gentleness of their rain showers sweeping the land, or the raging fury of their thunderstorms scattered across the vastness of lakes, rearing mountains and plunging valleys reaching into the infinities of visible distance?

Or how about the odd moose cow that wanders through that landscape on the mountain top with her young calf in tow, or the younger porcupines who waddle into view aiming to find a delectable nibble or three of the glues inside a piece of unshielded plywood they can reach? Or maybe even Old Venerable Grandpa Porcupine himself, who’s so huge he stands near two and a half feet tall at the hump of his quill-covered height as he ambles through the brush of a nearby mountain slope?

Those are just a few tiny verbal snapshots of the world I’m privileged to embrace every summer during these days of unparallelled beauty and wonder.

And maybe they can begin to give you an idea of why I consider myself so lucky to be living in these necks of the northern woods. And why I consider my part of the world to be so inspiring, given the abundance of unparallelled beauty and wonder living around me to fill this writer’s heart and mind with the immeasurable gratitude and joy those scenes bring to it.

And if that’s not enough in your mind to convince you, would you like to know what makes this deal even sweeter for me in another sense every summer? Try not to be envious when you read the answer below…

I get paid to do it – because that’s the work I do during the summer season as a Fire Lookout perched on that mountaintop watching for the smoke signals of fires that shouldn’t be happening; and when spotted calling them in to be actioned into extinction just as rapidly as possible by ground crews helicoptered into the site – often along with water bombers tasked to drop their dousing loads along its perimeters as well.

It’s a wonderful job in an amazing location overlooking the most awesome sweep of Mother Nature’s grandeur you could ever hope to find in a lifetime. I found it, and I never want to leave it!

Unparallelled days of beauty and wonder without end – I love this life!

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