December 15, 2017

Going to Town

For those of us who have chosen rural small town, village, or even isolated location living like you see in the picture attached to this post, going to town isn’t necessarily something you look forward to with the greatest of glee.

We even have good reasons for feeling that way.

For example when you live in a tiny village of only 350 or so people spread over a few miles of countryside you not only get used to the quietness of it all and the feelings of seclusion which accompany it, but you also come to treasure the unhurried pace of life it offers to comfort your senses.

Being able to walk out the front door of your home, walk around your yard, take thirty or so steps to the right to put yourself into the treeline leading up the mountain – all the while being able to maintain and feel your connection to the energies of the earth beneath your feet – is just one wonderful benefit of this choice of lifestyle.

So a trip to our nearest big town 45 miles away isn’t really a big deal, but it is something you kind of have to gird yourself up for mentally, emotionally and even physically, you might say.

Because in town you’re not only going to run into a slug of people and cars and traffic and fumes and concrete and asphalt and buildings and enclosed spaces that drain the energy from your body, you’re also going to temporarily lose that direct energy connection to the earth experienced in your own back yard – a connection that actually feeds, fuels and maintains your overall sense of balance to the world around you.

So it’s probably no wonder that for us country folk the further away from town we get on our exit from it, the better we feel as our energy levels start to rise again in accompaniment to a restoration of our senses of well being and balance.

After all, we are the ones who’ve chosen as the lifestyle of our dreams the choice of living close to or within the fringes of living nature itself, where the impositions and closures imposed upon our senses by a trip to town are deliberately kept to a minimum for reasons that just naturally make sense to us.

And none of this is said with any intent to put down those folk who choose town or even city living as a lifestyle of their own.

We’re just happy that going to town is an option for us to be exercised at our discretion, and not a necessity compelling our every day attendance to it.

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