December 15, 2017

Life Lines

The rules say that we don’t all get to grow old and accumulate life lines, let alone still keep our razor-edged wits about us even if we do manage to survive and reach the venerable old age of ninety years.

As with all perceived rules in life though, age is no exception to them and my dear old Aunt Helen proved the odds could be beaten on both ends of that equation. When she hit ninety years of age the family decided to hold a big shindig for her to honor all those decades of her life that she’d lived.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend that particular feast in her honor, much as I would have been willing to give up my last remaining eyetooth to be there at her side and witness her delight in the gathering of the clans that she cherished so much.

So I did the next best thing. Since she’s the only other poet in the family I knew she would appreciate it if I at least knocked a few lines together to send her for the occasion.

But as I got to thinking about what to say in those lines my Muse gave me a nudge in the direction of that word itself…’lines’…and then the inspiration of illumination really took hold and flowered into the most meaningful use of that word I’ve ever encountered, as you’ll see below for yourself.


Life Lines

An occasion is rising on the wings of Time Which urges for words to be written. Thoughts from years of a life well lived With which my heart has been smitten.

They speak of my aunt, Helen by name, Whose life has been touched with a grace; Recorded for those with the eyes to see, In the gentle lines life has etched on her face.

These lines speak aloud of her sorrows and joys, Of her triumphs of the human will; Of her spiritual grounding on Biblical truths, And a strong spirit which is living them still.

A cartography of Time’s own passage, A map of treasures lived to the fullest degree; Lines revealing the fabric of a light within, Flaming bright for our hearts to see.

Your life lines Aunt Helen are an example to all, Of the beauty I see in your days; Of the kindness and love ever shining strong, Which you’ve given in so many ways.

I treasure those lines written upon your face, For they whisper their worth in my soul; They’ve etched your life in worthy form, An image to be held as a goal.

If life lines are maps seen to point the way, Then on earth you’re accomplishing your role; They speak in a voice that touches the heart, Of the life you’ve lived as a whole.

I honor that life and the constant love You’ve brought to this heart of mine; And to family connections throughout the years That is etched in the warmth of each line.


Life lines…they can speak to you if you’re willing to listen to their lessons.

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