December 15, 2017

The Camp is Done

Sometimes within the  life of a loving husband and wife it’s a good idea to let the wife have her say in public too, so today I’m going to exercise that option and give her the opportunity to express herself to you and tell you why the camp is done now.

She’s writing to a friend about the progress of the bush camp we’ve been in the  process of painstakingly building over the last few years as time permitted. It’s a subject and a place dear to my wife’s heart, given her ancestral roots and links to this great land we live in.

And of course our girl dog Hlinukts Seew (we just call her Seew) whom you met in a previous post has a thing or two to say in this story too. Enjoy!

Well, it’s finally done – Camp that is.

Ken has worked really hard in 3 weeks. From clearing the ground for the tent frame to pulling the tarp down from over the camp fire.

He did an awesome job with everything and he worked his heart out. The tent frame is pretty cool. The way he rolled the tarp under was neat. First he cut a camo tarp in a few pieces and put it along the bottom all around, then he rolled the top tarp under at the edges and when he did the doorway he wrapped the tarp to the inside and stapled it.

I got to make the steps – sorta. Ken just couldn’t keep his mitts off. They turned out real good though.

Ken has been getting slightly miffed at me when I try to do something and I lift anything he thinks is too heavy, or I am doing something he thinks I have no business doing and he is after  me to stop – grrrr. (In my defense, my wife was still recovering from surgery at this point). When he has been going out during the week while I am at work he gets so much more done because he doesn’t have to worry about me.

Today he finished the outhouse and it is a gooder. Again he didn’t really want my help so I sat by the fire and watched water boil.

Seew was going back and forth between us and running up and down the beach and generally having fun by herself. At one point she comes running around the cook shack and says, “Mom, Mom, is it supposed to look like that?” I said, “What?” So we went to look and I said “No, it is not supposed to be like that!” So she looked for another few minutes, then leaned over and said, “Well, you better tell him. Oh! I see a new stick to chew on – bye!” That little bag!

So I asked Ken why he was trying to roof the outhouse in seven pieces instead of two. Well he ended up using three because he was running out of the right size. Anyways it is really cool, and it is shingled even.

It was overcast when we went out this morning, there was no wind and the water was like glass. By 3 p.m. the weather was coming in fast and the glass broke on the water. There was whitecaps on the water and it was raining but I was cozy under the tarp and Seew was cozy in her chair with her blanket wrapped around her.

Snow was coming down the mountain on both sides of the lake and it was getting fairly cold. After Ken finished the outhouse we started to tidy up the camp and made sure we took everything that we couldn’t leave for the winter, as we knew that today was the last day at our camp.

Seew and I waited in the truck while Ken took down the tarp from over the fire pit (alone, because of course I am not allowed to do anything but look pretty).

On the way home there was snow mixed in with the rain.

Camp is there and will be waiting for us all at the end of May.

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