December 2, 2023

Ken’s Musings

CRITICAL: A Canadian Forces Vet’s Open Letter of Personal Appeal to the Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, P.C., M.P.

Dear Minister Sajjan: My name is M. Kenneth (Ken) Matthies, CD, 1CRPG Cdn Rgr (Ret'd) from 14 years of service in the Carcross Ranger Patrol, a 69 year old senior citizen resident in Carcross Yukon, and I am writing a most critical personal appeal to you as … [Read More...]

Fiery Sunset Lights a Yukon Midsummer Night Skyline

A fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in the photo montage accompanying today's post. With the myriad fall colors gaining daily brilliance in our deciduous growth and early snows beginning to cap our mountain ranges in blinding white … [Read More...]

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song ‘The Rose’

Britain's X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney's stunning version of Bette Midler's song, The Rose, brought the audience to it's feet in a standing ovation and massive roaring tribute to the 34 year old singer's incredible voice, and to his emotionally … [Read More...]

“Half a Lifetime” spent together sparks Celebratory Anniversary Trip

"Half a Lifetime" spent together sparks celebratory anniversary trip is the happy subject of my post today. All of our lives are filled with memorable occasions to one degree or another, and my wife and I are no exception to that rule. This year … [Read More...]

Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal Uniform for the 2012 Fire Watch Season

Our intrepid girl dog Seew is at it again, but this time in a new role as 'Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal uniform for the 2012 fire watch season'. As we all well know, dog lovers can usually be counted on to go to certain extremes when it … [Read More...]

Leaky Stovepipe in the Cabin was the visible Culprit of periodic Minor Floods on the Floor

A leaky stovepipe in the cabin was the visible culprit of periodic minor floods on the floor this season...and last season...and even the season before that. Until being present and accounted for onsite for a change during the frequent rains which washed … [Read More...]

Tower Safety Systems have become a New Priority under Occupational Health & Safety rules

Tower safety systems have become a new priority under Occupational Health & Safety rules this year, and that's seriously affected my climb-time ratios and state of mind whenever I ascend or descend my summer fire tower nowadays. I've included a couple … [Read More...]

“Old Fart Air” successfully Launched to fly the Skies of Tomorrow

"Old Fart Air" successfully launched to fly the skies of tomorrow last Friday when I finally arrived at 'Gate 65' courtesy of having lived long enough to celebrate the grand occasion. As the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding" - or in this case … [Read More...]

Part V: Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s – a Five-Part Series

Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s had resulted in being witness to someone else’s broken and shattered dreams. Sitting comfortably in the back seat surveying this new Kingdom of my Heart that I’d finally arrived in, I was … [Read More...]

Part IV: Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s – a Five-Part Series

Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s gave you the chance to get to know the people you were traveling with, which was not necessarily something you would normally have chosen to do under other circumstances. What turned out … [Read More...]

Part III: Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s – a Five-Part Series

Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s also meant you were willing to take your life in your hands to get to your destination. The Alaska Highway in its old configuration had a well known reputation as a harsh and unforgiving … [Read More...]

Part II: Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s – a Five-Part Series

Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s took some patience too. A battered old pickup and an equally battered older man who turned out to be a rancher, saying he could take me a few miles up the road before he had to turn off … [Read More...]

Part I: Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s, a five-part Series

Hitch-hiking the twisty old gravel Alaska Highway of the early 1970’s is one of the more memorable journeys I’ve ever taken. It was still known by its other name back then too – the Alcan Highway – 1,700 miles of rough tough gravel road over some of the … [Read More...]

Towers in the Fog and the Mists of a Mountaintop

Towers in the fog and the mists of a mountaintop can be seen in today's photos accompanying this post. You'll notice that all of the other various radio, TV and communication towers and antennas also located here are just as cloaked in the gray stuff as my … [Read More...]

An outhouse Bear encounter as the result of an Invitation to Visit

An outhouse bear encounter as the result of an invitation to visit is an uncommon experience to say the least, even for most of us who live up here in the Great White North of bear country. Yet that’s exactly what happened to me in 2008 during the very … [Read More...]

The Truth behind the phrase “Greater Love has no one than this” is personified by A Daughter’s Final Gift

In the looming clouds of its tenth anniversary soon to arrive, 'The Truth behind the phrase "Greater Love has no one than this" is personified by a Daughter's Final Gift'  in the second of two stories about her father's journey of healing from the grief of her … [Read More...]

Major Breakthrough in personal healing discovered within a Voice on the Mountain

'A Major Breakthrough in personal Healing discovered within A Voice on the Mountain' is the subject of today's post, timed to coincide with the looming tenth anniversary shadows of his daughter's death once again beginning to approach this father's personal … [Read More...]

My Yukon Life Podcast Radio Interview – Episode 65 Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies

As an additional bonus to my blog readers on this website, 'My Yukon Life Podcast Radio Episode 65 Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies' aired tonight on podcast radio. My Yukon Life podcast originator and host Jennifer Hawks came up to my fire tower this past … [Read More...]

Old Man Winter came a-knocking on Spring’s front Door

Old Man Winter came a-knocking on Spring's front Door in southwest Yukon overnight to the tune of 8" (or 22 cm for my Canadian friends) of nice fresh white wet snow to remind us he wasn't done with us just quite yet. The 2-4 cm actually contained in the … [Read More...]

Wails of a Mental Recluse resonate from an Imprisoned Mind

The wails of a mental recluse resonate from an imprisoned mind for a time, when a previously undiagnosed lifelong health issue suddenly rises up to confront the author in unexpected ways. Read on to see for yourself how the power of the written word within … [Read More...]

Love Song of the Eagle Feather

'Love Song of the Eagle Feather' is a short piece of writing begun years ago but only completed recently in the aftermath of writing a previous week's post about 'Oldeagle' that reminded me again of its existence. It's written in honor and homage to the … [Read More...]

‘The Rainbow Bridge’ illustrates the true Power and Beauty of Unconditional Love

A touchingly direct and simple story entitled 'The Rainbow Bridge' illustrates the true power and beauty of unconditional love given to us so unreservedly through the pets we as humans tend to take into both our hearts and our homes. Few pieces of writing … [Read More...]

Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night

'Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night' is a little poem I wrote fourteen long years ago as a fun kind of personal identifier for an Internet chat room of the day. It garnered its share of attention at the time from the room participants, and forever … [Read More...]

Imminent Seasonal Change to affect Yukon Author’s Blog postings

'Imminent Seasonal Change to affect Yukon Author's Blog postings' is my way of letting all you readers of my thrice-weekly blog postings know that their schedule of appearance on my website is about to change for a period of time. With a new Spring season … [Read More...]

The Ants of Spring are beginning their annual Crawl up my Spine

The ants of spring are beginning their annual crawl up my spine, and the itch of their tentacles touch is spreading rapidly to all the other parts of my body and mind too. It happens like clockwork every single spring as soon as the warming sun begins to … [Read More...]

The Beauty of African musical interpretations brought to Life in the Voices of the Soweto Gospel Choir

The beauty of African musical interpretations brought to life in the voices of the Soweto Gospel Choir are a source of powerful inspiration and delight second to none if you're a lover of harmony. I stumbled across this group on a foray through YouTube some … [Read More...]

“Keep Moving” is the right Mantra for old Injuries and Aching older Bodies

"Keep Moving" is the right mantra for old injuries and aching older bodies as the decades stack up the year-count on us, as I continually prove to myself with my own growing-older carcass day after day. I refer to my older body as a carcass in a deliberate … [Read More...]

An Easter Monday walk on the Ice of a frozen Lake

An Easter Monday walk on the ice of a frozen lake  isn't an unusual occurrence in the north country where I live. I've got a huge amount of respect for vast bodies of H2O and you normally wouldn't catch me trying to walk on water, but the frozen winter … [Read More...]

Local Canadian Ranger Patrol celebrations commemorate 20 years of Military Reserve Status since Formation

Local Canadian Ranger Patrol celebrations commemorate 20 years of military reserve status since formation in this lengthy written story and series of photos you see accompanying today's post. You can click on them to enlarge photos. To help put this article … [Read More...]

Arrival of the ‘Snow-Eater’ snows are a welcome sign of Spring in the North

Arrival of the 'Snow-Eater' snows are a welcome sign of Spring in the north country, that's for sure! The pictures accompanying this post hardly do the name justice because of the sheer whiteness of it all, but they're a unique and separate brand of … [Read More...]

Unlocking the dark Closets of our lives requires only the Key of Forgiveness

Unlocking the dark closets of our lives requires only the Key of Forgiveness to expose their contents to the fresh air and light of healing that forgiveness represents. It's the one and only key that seems to unlock them all. I know this from personal … [Read More...]

Local landmark Spirit Lake Lodge reopened under New Ownership

Local landmark Spirit Lake Lodge reopened under new ownership this past winter, much to our personal delight and to that of other local area residents who had seriously missed its former decades-long year round presence and been hungering for an alternative … [Read More...]

Seldom seen Bonds of Friendship and Loyalty brought to vibrant Life in the Public Eye

Seldom seen bonds of friendship and loyalty brought to vibrant life in the public eye recently - during the 2012 Britain's Got Talent competition specifically - are a genuine testament to the power of those bonds to help a human spirit triumph over crippling … [Read More...]

Puppy Love plays an important role in Animal play Behavior

Puppy love plays an important role in animal play behavior, as is illustrated so sweetly in today's photos accompanying this post. Yeah I know I write a lot of posts about our intrepid girl dog Seew, but only because she's so cute and such a downright good … [Read More...]

The immeasurable Beauty of my Daughter’s Heart and Spirit is reflected in her Artistic Expression

The immeasurable beauty of my daughter's heart and spirit is reflected in her artistic expression, as you can see for yourself in the stunning photos accompanying today's post. But before I say more about that artistic expression let me share a little bit … [Read More...]

Thoughts of Summer Clouds once captured the Poetic imagination of Yukon author

Thoughts of summer clouds once captured the poetic imagination of Yukon author Ken Matthies, as seen here in an excerpt taken from his upcoming book entitled 'The Storyteller and the Poet'. "It's while I'm on a solitary walk far away from the town site one … [Read More...]

Embracing the Day is a Privilege of Life to be Treasured

As both the title of today's post and the picture I've attached illustrates, embracing the day is a privilege of life to be treasured - preferably with a huge smile of gratitude radiating from our faces such as the one you see on mine in this photograph. I … [Read More...]

The Importance of Guaranteed Nap times for Old and Young alike

The importance of guaranteed nap times for old and young alike is something me and our girl puppy Seew can relate to. While there are currently no pictures in captivity that I can offer to prove the truth of that comment (you'll have to settle for another … [Read More...]

Creation of a new Lingit Language Learning Game is designed to help restore Cultural Roots

The creation of a new Lingit (pronounced Tlingit) Language Learning game is designed to help restore cultural roots to one of the most difficult to learn languages on earth. The ability to speak your language of culture and birth is a precious thing, made … [Read More...]

Memories of Yukon author’s musical Heritage brought to Life in Song

'Memories of Yukon author's musical heritage brought to Life in Song' seemed a particularly fitting title for today's post given the content I'm about to share with you. Each of us can claim a heritage of some kind because we all spring from origins that … [Read More...]

The refrains of “I Can See Clearly Now” proved to be False

The refrains of "I Can See Clearly Now" proved to be false the other day after I arrived home with that new pair of eyeglasses I wrote about needing in a recent post. The call had come telling me that my new glasses were ready for pickup so I made the trip … [Read More...]

Puppy Poses speak clearly of both Instinct and Intelligence

I've been notified in no uncertain terms that it's time for another post about our cute little girl dog Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain), because she says her puppy poses speak clearly of both instinct and intelligence that she carries inside her which she wants you … [Read More...]

Canadian Ranger military service is a Proud part of this Yukon Author’s past

To say that my Canadian Ranger military service is a proud part of this Yukon author's past is only one part of the story behind such a statement. Springing as I do from a conscientious-objector religious heritage it might even seem all the more remarkable … [Read More...]

Sundogs greet the Morning on a Winter’s Day

Occasionally you'll see sundogs greet the morning on a winter's day up in our neck of the northern woods. They can be a thing of brilliant beauty when they're visible low on the horizon like you see in the pictures accompanying today's post. My wife … [Read More...]

New Glasses are deemed a Priority for local Fire Tower Lookout

As though new teeth aren't enough to contend with like you read about in his most recent post, now it seems that new glasses are deemed a priority for local fire tower lookout Ken Matthies as well. ********************************************************** I … [Read More...]

The Joy of replacing real Teeth with Dentures

While the joy of replacing real teeth with dentures might not be the most interesting topic on the face of the planet to read about here, it's a reality that's crept up on me and now has to be dealt with, so you might as well share part of the joy of that … [Read More...]

New Impromptu Word Variation Invented by Yukon author to describe a common Winter Activity

A new impromptu word variation invented by a Yukon author to describe a common winter activity occurred on a drive into town made by that author the other day. In company with his wife and intrepid girl-dog-traveler Seew the trio kept meeting truck after … [Read More...]

Summer session of Solitude beckons Yukon author Ken Matthies

Another summer session of solitude beckons Yukon author Ken Matthies even as he pens these words to his post for today. Though still some months away from becoming reality, its draw upon his need for a time of unfettered quietness of the soul has already … [Read More...]

Northern residents are beginning to feel the Itch again as Spring Approaches

Northern residents are beginning to feel the itch again as spring approaches and beckons us to return to a landscape no longer burdened with its obscuring weight of snow cover. It happens to us every year with the gradual warming of winter temperatures and … [Read More...]

Hiking Snowy Winter Trails is becoming a Daily Occurrence

Hiking snowy winter trails is becoming a daily occurrence for me of late, ever since a Fire-Smart crew chewed their way through the underbrush and dead-fall scattered throughout the treeline on the other side of a nearby fire break you see in today's pic which … [Read More...]

Sunlight halos Frosty trees in Winter’s Morning Light

Sunlight halos frosty trees in winter's morning light in these photos shot at the end of our road the other morning. I'd taken our dog Seew out for another one of her morning constitutionals and decided to grab my camera on the way out the door, given the … [Read More...]

“Where meat go, Daddy?” young Son questions Father

"Where meat go, Daddy?" young Son questions Father is a humorous little story from another part of my life stream that bears telling these many years later, in hopes it will bring a smile both to your own and to my son's face if he happens to stumble across … [Read More...]

Dog Caught in violation of Property Boundaries

The dog caught in violation of property boundaries in this image today is none other than our own inimitable Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain, or Seew for short) being returned to our side of the line by my good neighbor Gord, both of them all decked out in their … [Read More...]

Majestic Panorama joins Earth and Sky to Frozen Waters

A 'Majestic Panorama joins Earth and Sky to Frozen Waters' in this winter shot, taken at another one of the numerous worthwhile Viewing Points along the South Klondike Highway which connects the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory to the deep sea port waters … [Read More...]

Photo Pictorial reveals Mountains clothed in Winter Glory

A 'Photo Pictorial reveals Mountains clothed in Winter Glory' is a compilation of winter shots taken of some of the mountains in our local area. Their beauty speaks for itself with a power no words could add to. Enjoy! Simply click on the images to … [Read More...]

Smallest Desert in the World is a major year-round stop for Yukon Tourists and Locals alike

The 'Smallest Desert in the World is a major year-round stop for Yukon Tourists and Locals alike' is a reference to the Carcross Desert you see pictured in this post with both winter and summer images. Known affectionately both locally and internationally … [Read More...]

Old Stories recount the Mountainsides that Shivered with Movement

'Old Stories recount the Mountainsides that Shivered with Movement' is a post about a time that lives on now only in the memories of those fortunate enough to have been told these stories by their family Elders over the passing of generations. They are … [Read More...]

Photo once thought Lost brings back Memories of Happy Times

A 'Photo once thought Lost brings back Memories of Happy Times' is an especially appropriate title for today's post, because the gorgeous young lady pictured in it that's tucked under my arm is the daughter I lost back in 2002 in the mechanical failure crash … [Read More...]

Mother Nature’s Beauty revealed by Mushroom Growth on Tree

When you come across something like this lovely aspect of 'Mother Nature's Beauty revealed by Mushroom Growth on Tree' it just sort of naturally attracts both the eye and the attention of your camera to record its beauty. It's only a simple little … [Read More...]

Arrowhead Image discovered along shores of Bennett Lake Yukon

The arrowhead image discovered along the shores of Bennett Lake Yukon is an exceedingly rare find, given the normal state of these lake waters. Usually caressed by constant winds that keep the surface of this narrow twenty-two mile long inland lake … [Read More...]

Moonshine Taste Test proven to leave lingering Effects on the Mind

Given the well documented history of Moonshine on the North American continent, today's post about how 'Moonshine Taste Test proven to leave lingering Effects on the Mind' may not be exactly what you expected to find. I'm pretty sure you'll get over your … [Read More...]

Badger’s Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town, Part II

So you did show up after all to read the second installment of 'Badger's Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town' eh? Then there's hope for your day yet - but put your coffee cup down first to save yourself from a scalding a little further down … [Read More...]

Badger’s Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town, Part I

'Badger's Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town' is the first of a two-part story you'll need to commit to tuning back into on tomorrow's post to discover its ending. Believe me - if you've got a single funny bone left in your body, that's a … [Read More...]

Little Green Frog’s Journey of Love leaves traces over Sixty Thousand miles of Road

'Little Green Frog's Journey of Love leaves traces over Sixty Thousand miles of Road' is another one of those little life stories that illustrates how love and culture can bind our lives together, no matter the time or distances involved. For nigh on ten … [Read More...]

Rainbow’s Beauty reminds us of God’s ancient Covenant with Man

Though the storms rage in fury and the rains descend in sheets, the 'Rainbow's Beauty reminds us of God's ancient Covenant with Man' as portrayed in the pictures of today's post. You'll not usually find me quoting Scripture in my posts, but looking at these … [Read More...]

Frozen Inlet Pipe demands a drastic Remedy to Reopen

At -30 Celsius below zero it's not uncommon in the North that a frozen inlet pipe demands a drastic remedy to reopen it for business. Mind you it's also true that one man's version of a drastic remedy will differ a whole lot from someone else's, but at 30 … [Read More...]

Unusual Cloud Formation creates a Feathery Presence in Blue of Sky

My description of an 'Unusual Cloud Formation creates a Feathery Presence in Blue of Sky' springs from another one of those nearly perfect summer days spent up at my fire tower a couple of seasons ago. Many of those days are in fact pristine and perfect … [Read More...]

Photo Composition wins Yukon Author’s Personal Best Selection

It's kind of fun for me to be able to claim that a 'Photo Composition wins Yukon Author's Personal Best Selection' - especially because of the fact that the photo composition itself was completely unplanned by me when I took it. In fact it was … [Read More...]

Underground Springs can cause Road Havoc during Winter Freeze

It's become an established seasonal norm around our place that underground springs can cause road havoc during winter freeze. I tickled your sense of mystery with one story about the formation of unusual river ice in yesterday's post. Well here's another … [Read More...]

Unusual Winter Conditions lead to seldom seen River Ice Formation

You can believe it when I tell you it's a real strange situation around here to see unusual winter conditions lead to seldom seen river ice formation on  the short waterway connecting  two of our local lakes. I know, I know - you're looking at the pictures … [Read More...]

The Legend of Clancy Underfoot lives on in the Hearts of his Friends

The statement that 'The Legend of Clancy Underfoot lives on in the Hearts of his Friends' is a simple statement of loving truth. It's equally a truth which will have an afterlife that carries on into an eternity only those who have shared the deeply abiding … [Read More...]

Islands in the Mist appear through Gray of Winter Fog

Today's topic of 'Islands in the Mist appear through Gray of Winter Fog' is another spinoff of a series of photos taken on the same day, and from the same location as some of my previous posts about a boulder on the shoulder and the sun in winter fog - the … [Read More...]

Fire Tower expected to be Occupied during Heat of Summer

This fire tower expected to be occupied during heat of summer is located on the very crown of the same mountain ridge which is also home to the mountain cabin I wrote about in a previous post. When compared to the soaring loftiness of it's adjacent 200 foot … [Read More...]

Images of Winter touch undergrowth with Snow Covered Glory

In today's post you'll get to see images of winter touch undergrowth with snow covered glory in the photos I've assembled here for your enjoyment. All of these pictures were taken within either a few steps of or no further than a stone's throw of our … [Read More...]

Mountain Cabin slated to be used as Summer home for Published Author

There's a mountain cabin slated to be used as summer home for a published author - that author of course being me, and the cabin of course being the one I inhabit every summer in my seasonal position there as a Fire Lookout. It might not look like much to … [Read More...]

Author Announces publication of new series of Grief Healing articles on Amazon Kindle Books

'Author Announces publication of new series of Grief Healing articles on Amazon Kindle Books' is the second stage of the new online writing and publishing career I've embarked upon of late. As you can see from the picture of the first article's cover … [Read More...]

Ingesting Unidentified substance leads to Emergency Hospital visit

Trust an intrepid girl dog like ours to lead us to today's headline about 'Ingesting Unidentified substance leads to Emergency Hospital visit!' You'd think any puppy who looks as wise, all-knowing and brightly intelligent as our Seew does in the main … [Read More...]

Sun in Winter Fog contrasts Sky of Blue

The sun in winter fog contrasts a sky of blue in the photos I've included with today's post. Taken from the Emerald Lake viewpoint along the South Klondike Highway I referred to in a previous post, these shots offer just one more perspective on the endless … [Read More...]

Winter’s Freeze appears as Smoke on the Water

When winter's freeze appears as smoke on the water, we northern folks have come to know that temperatures have finally dipped deep enough into the minus regions that the water doesn't stand a chance of not freezing. Characterized by foggy vapors which rise … [Read More...]

Big Boulder on the Shoulder is a local Geological Oddity

A big boulder on the shoulder is a local geological oddity that can be found on a roadside near a popular tourist viewpoint not far from where I live. Click the pictures to get a closer view of this big rock. Almost fully excavated from a hillside but … [Read More...]

Frosty Patterns Etch Branches in Winter Glory

I spotted some frost-covered bushes the other day while driving along the river dividing our community, and took the opportunity to stop and witness once again how frosty patterns etch branches in winter glory. Click your cursor on these photos to get a … [Read More...]

How a simple Handshake can influence Perspective for a Lifetime

No doubt you're wondering how a simple handshake can influence perspective for a lifetime, so I'll share a simple story from another era that illustrates it for you as it happened in the life of a young boy. I was raised from a young age in the 1940's and … [Read More...]

Memories linger of George the Giant

Memories linger of George the Giant in this New Year just dawning for me. They linger because he was a most unusual and special man worth remembering - a man who has since passed on to even bigger and better things beyond the veil of this life - but also one … [Read More...]

Glimmers of a New Sunrise to Light up your New Year’s day

I don't usually do weekend posts, but in honor of the new year just sprung upon us today I thought I'd offer you some glimmers of a new sunrise to light up your New Year's day. The photo you see attached is my representation of those glimmers - soft shades … [Read More...]

Friend Steps in to help in Time of Need

It's pretty special when a friend steps in to help in time of need, wouldn't you agree? That's exactly what my friend did for me yesterday by coming over to run our snow blower up and down our yard to clear it for us because I couldn't do it myself. I'm … [Read More...]

Wheel Runs Away from a Model A Ford

My title 'Wheel runs away from a Model A Ford' was sparked by an old family picture one of my brothers posted recently which is reproduced here with this post, and it resurrected some equally old memories from my "Days of Yore" file. I'll tell you this … [Read More...]

A Voice on the Mountain reconnects a Father and Daughter

'A voice on the mountain reconnects a father and daughter' is a true story taken from the pages of my own healing journey following the death of my daughter in 2002. I share it with you now in the season of Christmas because the story it tells of … [Read More...]

Fresh Snowfall adds Mantle of Mystery to Yukon Magic

A fresh snowfall adds mantle of mystery to Yukon magic - drifting quietly down from the sky to cradle the land in what I've always thought of as God's way of reminding us of the principle of purity symbolized by the sheer bright whiteness of freshly fallen … [Read More...]

Love delivers Presents under family Christmas Tree

We feel blessed far beyond fortunate that love delivers presents under our family Christmas tree every year, as it did so faithfully again this Christmas season. As has always happened in our home, Christmas Eve comes along and we find ourselves staying up … [Read More...]

A Surprising Musical Find for a lover of Harmony living Up North

The knockout sensation singing group 'The Canadian Tenors' has been a surprising musical find for a lover of harmony living up north - and of course that lover living up north would be me. Okay,'re probably thinking "this guy is on the Internet … [Read More...]

Land of Midnight Sun skies Lit by multiple Hues of summer Sunsets

Land of Midnight Sun skies lit by multiple hues of summer sunsets are a thing to see - sometimes happening in shades of color that defy the words of any language to adequately describe either their beauty or their complexity to the human eye. Many's the … [Read More...]

Icy Conditions from unseasonably Warm Weather contribute to Injuries

Icy conditions from unseasonably warm weather contributed to injuries sustained in a fall I took a couple of mornings ago outside my front door. I live in the Yukon Territory of northern Canada. The weather here this time of year is not only normally … [Read More...]

Dog Dresses Up for Christmas Activities

It can be a lot of fun and lend a lot of color to the occasion when a dog dresses up for Christmas activities like decorating an outdoor community tree, which is where today's pictures for this post were taken. Especially when the dog in question is our own … [Read More...]

Christmas Lights of Life ceremonies help us Remember Loved Ones

The Christmas Lights of Life ceremonies help us remember our loved ones  in a tangible and communal way. Hospice Yukon Society in Whitehorse Yukon holds these ceremonies as an annual occurrence in our neck of the woods. They do this to give those of us who … [Read More...]

Seeing Tom Jackson live in Concert at the Yukon Arts Centre

Seeing Tom Jackson live in concert may not seem like such a big deal for a lot of folks, but it sure was for my wife and I on December 15, 2011. Sure we've been to numerous local school Christmas concerts over the years just to be there for the kids and … [Read More...]

Unique Christmas Tree Decoration

Yesterday my wife and I decided to create a unique Christmas tree decoration for our local 25-foot community Christmas tree that you see in the picture below. This tree is beginning to hold a special significance to our little village. For the past two … [Read More...]

CBC Radio Interview Replay

Here's an audio replay of the interview recently aired that I did with Sandi Coleman in the Whitehorse CBC studio. … [Read More...]

How I became a Wolf

If you've read my earlier post about the Black Wolf and noted my comment about that encounter being a harbinger of the future, then here's the story of that future and how I became a Wolf myself. I'm married into the Inland or "Daa Kaa" ('over the summit') … [Read More...]

Puppy Rituals

Puppy rituals around our house are always special and filled with a lot of humor, joy and love. I've written in previous posts about our little girl dog Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain) whom we call Seew for short, so in addition to the pictures of her you see … [Read More...]

My Aching Back

My aching back is aching again! Would you believe I count that as a blessing in my life? Read on to find out why. It's been another series of those kinds of days when the nasty accidental things that happened to you when you were a kid decides to show up … [Read More...]