May 22, 2024

Arrival of the ‘Snow-Eater’ snows are a welcome sign of Spring in the North

The 'Snow-Eater' snows have arrived! Click to enlarge image.

Arrival of the ‘Snow-Eater’ snows are a welcome sign of Spring in the north country, that’s for sure!

The pictures accompanying this post hardly do the name justice because of the sheer whiteness of it all, but they’re a unique and separate brand of snowfall.

The first of what we hope are a few more of these snows to follow arrived overnight to the tune of about a 2″ mantle covering everything in our locale, and probably more in other locations.

These types of Spring snows are referred to by local First Nation’s peoples as the “Snow-Eater” because of it’s different composition and wetter nature that allows it to be easily assimilated into the older hard and dry snow pack.

Once the sun hitting it with those warm spring rays gets added to daytime temperatures that have finally decided they’ll stay above zero for the day, the snow-eater goes to work performing its magic to promote faster melting of that snow pack.

The 'Snow-Eater' etches the landscape.

Our current local forecast is calling for a few more sprinkles of the snow-eater to be followed by some rain showers – all of which of course works together to bring about the melt all of us are now waiting for with bated breath.

The coming weeks will see the Spring winds arrive as well, adding their breath of evaporation to the snows still laying deep on the land.

But it’s the ‘Snow-Eater’ snows that deserve the real credit for kicking the whole process off with their heavy fluffy white presence, lending their unique moisture to the waters of melt that will soon begin.

Now you know why the arrival of ‘Snow-Eater’ snows are a welcome sign of Spring in the north country!

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