May 21, 2024

Arrowhead Image discovered along shores of Bennett Lake Yukon

The arrowhead image discovered along the shores of Bennett Lake Yukon is an exceedingly rare find, given the normal state of these lake waters.

Arrowhead Image discovered along shores of Bennett Lake Yukon. Click to Enlarge.

Usually caressed by constant winds that keep the surface of this narrow twenty-two mile long inland lake moving in gently rolling waves, that surface wind is also known to breed sudden violent storms that can kick those same waters into four to six foot spume-driven angry waves that have swamped more than a few boats over the years.

But the day I took the White Pass & Yukon Route tourist train out of Carcross Yukon for a trip to Skagway Alaska with some friends it was unusually calm along it’s entire length, allowing the capture of the rare mirrored image you see in today’s photo.

And would you believe – it was shot through the window of the train car I was traveling in as we slowly began to accelerate along the track leaving Carcross.

Another notable feature of this photo is the lack of beach line visible in either the lower left or across the lake. This was due to the abnormally high water levels of the lake that summer as the result of an early and fast melt of the snow pack, as well as unusually heavy glacial melt and runoff that season. It led to flood conditions further down the interconnected chain of lakes and waterways that year too.

But in this photo, it’s the arrowhead image discovered along shores of Bennett Lake Yukon that captures the eye and imagination of the beholder.

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