June 9, 2023

Author Announces publication of new series of Grief Healing articles on Amazon Kindle Books

Author Announces Publication of new series of Grief Healing articles

‘Author Announces publication of new series of Grief Healing articles on Amazon Kindle Books’ is the second stage of the new online writing and publishing career I’ve embarked upon of late.

As you can see from the picture of the first article’s cover included here it’s called The Stages of Grief Healing Series, and it consists of a series of ten articles written at the altar of personal experience following the death of my daughter in 2002.

They are a complement and follow up to the first stage of this new career already undertaken – publication of the full length book written about that experience of loss which was published on Amazon Kindle Books back in November 2011, entitled ‘How to Survive the Death of a Child / A Father’s Story of Healing Light’. It’s available right here on this website too.

I wrote the articles in this newly published series to help those who are grieving to be able to walk the path of their grief, to take part in the steps of finding their own healing, and to help them find a reconnection of their spirit to the loved one they lost.

They can be accessed for your review by clicking on the ‘Books’ tab here on my website.

Grieving is the one journey of life where there can never be too much help given, it seems – and that’s the bottom line goal here – to help people along on this most difficult and painful of all journeys to be encountered in life.

So although the subject is an obviously sensitive one to be treated with the utmost respect and understanding at all times, it is with this goal in mind that this author announces publication of new series of grief healing articles on Amazon Kindle Books geared specifically for those who are in need of the helpful knowledge they contain.

Your feedback after a review of these new publishing’s is welcome – just use the form below to bring it to my attention. Thanks!


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    • Thanks very much for your willingness to share the contents of this post with your Facebook friends! If what I’ve written can help even one more person walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Grief and find their way to healing from it, it’s more than worth the sharing of it. Many blessings to you for your openness of spirit in doing this.

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