December 3, 2023

Badger’s Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town, Part II

Badger, the Husky Dog of Local Legend

So you did show up after all to read the second installment of ‘Badger’s Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town’ eh? Then there’s hope for your day yet – but put your coffee cup down first to save yourself from a scalding a little further down the page here.

I deliberately left you hanging yesterday with these two paragraphs…

I’m staring daggers at him through the window while simultaneously admiring his absolutely gorgeous looking hide, when the first two lines of a Robert Service poem begin parading through my head. They go like this…”Me and the boys were whooping it up, one night in the Malemute Saloon…”

And then these lines suddenly begin to transmute themselves in my mind while I’m glaring at Badger, and I begin to laugh uproariously at what they’re saying back at me. It turns out that I can hardly grab pen and paper quick enough, let alone keep up with the lines of it as this one pours out of me – or out of Badger, you might say…


Me and the boys were barking it up, one night when the moon was round, That us dogs were about to hit the streets and chase a few girls around.

My neighbor was yapping about this one who lived just a few blocks away. He thought she’d be ready for a right good romp, and was planning an all night stay.

I asked if he knew whether she had a friend, who might be in the same frame of mind; And he growled his answer through our mutual fence that she did, and was definitely my kind.

So I lunged at my chain – it let go with a snap, and I gathered my legs in a run; Over the fences my buddy and I took off for a night of fun.

We loped down the street and razzed the boys who were late getting off of their tails; Still licking their coats or scrounging scraps that were left in their supper pails.

We hit the corner in a flat out run with our nails dug deep in the snow; Our tails standing high in a perfect curl and our noses held way down low.

We’d caught the scent, and you wouldn’t believe what a jolt it gave to our glands! The girls were ready and waiting for us to travel to pleasure-filled lands.

We raced in their driveway and slid to a halt, nose-to-nose with heaven on earth; These gals were hot and ready to trot, and smelling of smoldering worth!

I damn near went down on bended knee, and my breath hung tight in my chest. My date for tonight was a lady indeed, who could hold her own with the best.

She had china-blue eyes and a luxurious white coat, that was flecked with shades of grey. She held herself in a regal stance, and her tail had a delicate sway.

With a toss of her head, a devilish grin, and a cute little curl of her lip, She danced away on her furry feet, and took off at a moderate clip.

I could tell from the way she threw a look, over a lovely curve of her frame, That the race was on and she was mine, if I cared to stake my claim.

Well folks, let me tell you in a dog’s own way – that night was one to recall! How I took up her challenge when the moon was round, and we had a hell of a ball!

Now if you should ask me what we did that night, as we romped ‘neath the light of the moon, Take a look at the belly of my lady love – and the pups arriving soon!

I practically killed myself laughing in the aftermath of writing this Northern doozy of a Dog Tale, tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked out the window at this crazy beautiful mutt who had inspired the words in me. You can bet he got a lot of good rubdowns and a whole lot of playtime out of me for being such a hilarious inspiration too!

Now you know the story of how a ‘Badger’s Escape from confinement leaves Indelible Mark upon Town’ – I hope you enjoyed the reading of it as much as I did its writing!

Personal comments about your own crazy and inspiring dogs are more than welcome here, as you’ve already seen. Just write them out in the form below for me to laugh about with you, and I’ll respond back – guaranteed!


  1. Katherine Worsley says

    Ken I remember when you read that to me I think it was the first or second time we met it was at the coffee shop and then we (Ken H and myself ) went back to your house I laughed then and I laughed again do you remember that day I was so shy until you started reading your stories

    • I do indeed remember, Katherine! It was a good day for us all, wasn’t it? And I’m glad to know you’ve enjoyed it once again in this forum…it’s a story I’ll never tire of telling, for obvious reasons. Thanks!

  2. 1st meeting at your house in Carcross, Ken, when we delivered the snow-blower to your place. A good affternoon and really appreciated your’s & your Wife’s hospitality just prior to Christmas 2009.

    Your blogs are looking very good, Ken. Keep it up and eventually you may put it all together into a book.

    To Good Friends. Semper Fi!

    • Yeah Bro, I remember that day well – it was a good one! And the snow blower’s still chugging away doing a fine job whenever needed.
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog posts – and yes – they’ll make great fodder for a future book.
      Stay well my friend and brother in arms.

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