June 9, 2023

Big Boulder on the Shoulder is a local Geological Oddity

Big Boulder on the Shoulder

A big boulder on the shoulder is a local geological oddity that can be found on a roadside near a popular tourist viewpoint not far from where I live.

Click the pictures to get a closer view of this big rock.

Almost fully excavated from a hillside but left permanently in place during the construction of the South Klondike Highway over fifty years ago, this single big boulder has continued to stand in place and excited the imaginations of generations of travelers who have passed by and witnessed its lonely vigil.

Due no doubt to the nearness of that local viewpoint, an untold legion of photos have been taken of this boulder over the years by the tens of thousands of tourists who stop at that viewpoint annually as they arrive by the busload or in private RV’s and Camper trucks.

Spray paint on the boulder

As can be easily witnessed in one of the photos you see here, despite its solitary uniqueness the boulder hasn’t escaped the attention of individuals with a can of spray paint in hand either – a defacement which over time has now become another facet of its local character.

If you’re ever traveling this way be sure to pull in at the Emerald Lake viewpoint. You’ll see for yourself why the big boulder on the shoulder is a local geological oddity.

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