May 21, 2024

CRITICAL: A Canadian Forces Vet’s Open Letter of Personal Appeal to the Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, P.C., M.P.

CRITICAL: A Canadian Forces Vet’s Open Letter of Personal Appeal to the Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, P.C., M.P.

Dear Minister Sajjan:

My name is M. Kenneth (Ken) Matthies, CD, 1CRPG Cdn Rgr (Ret’d) from 14 years of service in the Carcross Ranger Patrol, a 69 year old senior citizen resident in Carcross Yukon, and I am writing a most critical personal appeal to you as both the Veteran you are and in your capacity as our Minister of National Defence.

I am a first generation Canadian born son of immigrants who came to Canada to find a better life and help build the fabric of our nation, a task they willingly took on and succeeded in. You too, I gather, are an immigrant to Canada – and from your public record it is clear that you also willingly took up the mantle of becoming Canadian and standing up for her values and culture. I honor you for that, sir!

I am also a proud Veteran and lifetime Canadian Patriot who is becoming deeply concerned about the dangerous direction our nation is headed – a direction that left unchecked and unopposed will unquestionably lead to the utter cultural, moral, and national destruction of the country you and I have both proudly stood in uniformed defense of. As the military Veteran and Canadian Patriot that I know you are by virtue of your service to our nation, I am requesting that you give the thoughts and perspectives addressed in this letter your most personal and thoughtful consideration – firstly as a Vet and Patriot – and secondly as the political Liberal Minister that you are.

Let’s be right up front about this. My subject is Muslim immigrants to Canada, their religious/cultural inability and outright refusal to adapt to Canadian culture/values, and the attitudes and impending moves within your Liberal government to support private members Motions which will inevitably lead not only to the muzzling of our freedoms of speech but also to the hateful practice of introducing Muslim Sharia Law into our society and culture. I speak specifically about Motion M-103 and its veiled intents and future threats to our freedoms as citizens.

The Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, P.C., M.P.

You know this in your heart, I know this in mine, and an increasing number of Canadians are also waking up to the dangerous precipice such actions as M-103 and our government’s current Islamic policies will lead to in our country. We already have a time tested and proven Canadian system of law in place, and Muslim immigrants must not under any circumstances of life be allowed to demand the implementation of Sharia Law in any form whatsoever into our national fabric – nor must the politically motivated actions of your Liberal government leadership be allowed to force us as Canadians to accept such practices or to muzzle and criminalize us as citizens for speaking out against the dangers of the Islamic religion and culture, or its practices, demands, or criminal acts anywhere within our national boundaries!

All other ethnicity’s that have migrated to Canada over the centuries of its existence – yours and mine included – have integrated themselves into our land and its culture and served its needs. The one single ethnicity which does not allow such integration by virtue of its religious belief system – despite all globalist leftist oriented and mainstream media fake propaganda to the contrary – are the Muslim peoples themselves. You need only look at any of a host of European nations currently inundated and being torn apart in their national fabric and identity by Muslim immigrants to see the truth of my statement about them. Sweden for example already appears to be lost to them. What you are seeing happening in Europe is simply another form of Muslim Jihad carried out by virtue of mass immigration which floods and eventually obliterates national cultures, identities, and indeed the countries themselves. We are all witnessing this Jihad occurring in real time within those jurisdictions, and now, because of current Liberal government immigration and pandering policies we are in very real and critical danger of the same Muslim Jihad occurring here in Canada.

By any sane measurement of intent, all such or indeed any forms of Jihad currently being undertaken by Muslim peoples within our own nation constitutes nothing less than an overt Act of War!

So you sir – in your official capacity as our Minister of National (and War) Defence – must stand at the forefront of our opposition as Canadian Patriot citizens and/or Veterans to any such actions concerning the implementation of any form of Muslim-pandering Sharia Law ever being undertaken let alone allowed to operate within our nation! You swore an Oath to our country – and quite frankly, if you are to continue to live up to that Oath, you have no choice but to stand up in brutally plain opposition alongside myself and others like me who will not stand silent and allow our country to become known as Canadastan!

Allow me to continue to speak openly and frankly here with you as Vet’s one to another. Given your government’s current Muslim immigration policies and the Prime Minister’s blatant and outright political pandering to every Muslim he can get close to in meekly welcoming such a lethal enemy into our national home, is that what you to are prepared to accept seeing happen here in Canada? Given your record of service to and love of our nation I find it hard to believe that you would countenance such a thing being allowed to take place here – political career be damned – especially when weighed in the balance between our right to keep our Canadian culture, identity, and freedoms – as opposed to becoming overrun and subject to the Islamification and eventual rule of Sharia Law in Canada leading to the loss of our nation because of blind, stupid and critically dangerous political leaders or their actions!

And hear me when I utter these words as a Veteran and Canadian, sir – given the known and provable truths of what I’ve described above, such continuing actions by our Prime Minister or anyone in his Cabinet who knowingly engages in aiding and abetting such end results leading to the destruction of our country and its unique national identity by Muslim peoples and their religious ideology is committing an outright act of Treason to our nation. And I don’t have to spell out for you what in good conscience the penalty for Treason needs to be.

These are powerful sentiments which I’ve expressed here sir and they’re intended to be, in order to speak plainly to the heart of not only your own patriotism but also to the responsibilities of your official Ministerial position. These sentiments live not only within the fabric of my Patriot’s heart but are rooted with equal depth and strength within the fabric of our very national identity, and as a former soldier you know this to be true.

I urge you with every fiber of my Patriot’s heart to stand up and say an unequivocal “NO!” to not only M-103, but also to every other measure currently being undertaken or being considered to be undertaken which will in any way shape or form aid and abet further Muslim immigration or ideology from taking the kind of fatal root here in Canada like it already has in those currently endangered or already destroyed European nations!

Canada can make an effective difference in the lives of those Muslim peoples if it wishes to help them – but only by providing aid and encouragement to them to remain within their own nations,
but nevermore under any circumstances invite them to Canada! They are not compatible now and they never will be!

Thank you for your reading and thoughtful consideration and actions undertaken as a result of this letter – and your personal response is of course welcome. You know I’m right to have written it.


M. Kenneth (Ken) Matthies, CD
1CRPG Cdn Rgr (Ret’d)
Carcross Yukon

cc: Larry Bagnell, MP Yukon

Fiery Sunset Lights a Yukon Midsummer Night Skyline

A fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in the photo montage accompanying today’s post.

The brilliance of a fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in blazing colors.

With the myriad fall colors gaining daily brilliance in our deciduous growth and early snows beginning to cap our mountain ranges in blinding white caps, it seems an appropriate moment to take a step back in time to remember and remark upon a Yukon midsummer’s nighttime skyline.

These photos were of course shot from my mountain retreat cabin up at the fire tower I’ve inhabited every summer these past five years, and as you can see it was worth stepping outdoors in the gathering darkness of the land below to capture the brilliant light liming our northwestern skyline.

Contrasts at play in both land and sky.

This is after all the Land of the Midnight Sun, and no finer depiction of our midnight sun’s sunset effects is to be found anywhere other than that captured from a mountaintop in moments like these.

A midsummer night’s northwest view of a sunset overlooking Marsh Lake, Yukon.

I readily admit that my little digital camera is no match for the true brilliance of colors I witnessed in the sky that night, but I offer its limited depictions to you nonetheless in hopes of inspiring you with the brilliant sunset vistas of our unparallelled Yukon land.

So feel free to take a moment or two to fully enjoy yourself as a fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in brilliant shades and hues of splendor.

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song ‘The Rose’

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney sings ‘The Rose’

Britain’s X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song, The Rose, brought the audience to it’s feet in a standing ovation and massive roaring tribute to the 34 year old singer’s incredible voice, and to his emotionally powerful and perfectly pitched delivery of this classically descriptive song about love.

As I’ve noted before in these posts where I’ve presented musical interludes for your enjoyment, there are few songs or artists singing them which truly grab me by the heart and cause me to play and replay them endlessly. But this particular singer and his version of such a beautiful song is another special one that’s managed to achieve this rare status.

I quite simply can’t stop listening to it’s beauty, meaning and powerful delivery over and over and over again day after day…and each time still find my heart continuing to swell with the emotions evoked by it.

With a personal story background that in itself touches the heart openly and honestly, British singer Christopher Maloney arrived at the audition in the company of family members and the one person who had consistently believed in and encouraged the talent within him – his 76 year old grandmother, whom he had moved in with to take care of following his grandfather’s death.

His self confidence severely shaken by people’s ongoing discouragement of his singing ability, Christopher’s key reason for wanting to sing in audition was based both on the love for his grandmother who continued to believe in and encourage him, and the love of his grandfather at who’s funeral this beautiful song had been played in tribute to the man’s life.

Despite an overwhelming nervousness that had him shaking and rendered nearly speechless when he first walked onstage, judge Tulisa Contostavlos’s encouragement and questions helped him find the calm at the center of both his heart and his talent in preparation for singing.

You’ll have to see and listen for yourself to what resulted…and don’t be surprised if it amazes you and moves you to tears as it’s done so many times to me already too.

And be sure to watch this video in its entirety. You’ll be touched by his struggle to gain control and by his visible emotions after singing, and delighted when you see him bring his grandmother onstage following his performance to see their evident love for each other and the shining pride she shows in her grandson’s achievement. When you hear the judge’s comments concerning his talent and performance, and the crowd’s reaction to those comments following her arrival onstage, you’ll fully understand the magnitude of what he’s accomplished.

The joyously happy and deeply heartfelt loving hug which grandmother and grandson share at the end of the video will make you smile in joy right along with them.

Very few male vocalists have even attempted to sing this particular song, and I think you’ll agree that Christoper’s version may well be one of the most powerful renditions of it ever sung with such passion, and with such a genuinely deep expression of the love which inspired it’s singing in this audition.

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song The Rose has already propelled him near to the top of the list of potential winners, and I find myself hoping with all my heart that he does win, because I think he truly deserves to for the sake of the great love shown in its singing.



“Half a Lifetime” spent together sparks Celebratory Anniversary Trip

“Half a Lifetime” spent together sparks celebratory anniversary trip is the happy subject of my post today.

Dawson City, Yukon – home of the infamous Klondike Gold Rush of 1898

All of our lives are filled with memorable occasions to one degree or another, and my wife and I are no exception to that rule. This year marked a most auspicious occasion for my wife in particular in that it heralded the arrival of twenty-six years spent in the arms of our loving relationship together as husband and wife – quite literally one half of her entire lifetime!

Given the fact that life holds no guarantees for any of us to survive the throes of modern day relationships from even one day to the next, twenty six years together is a real accomplishment which actually deserves some recognition. That the arrival of this twenty sixth year should also mark a period of half of one partner’s lifetime only added to the sweetness of the occasion, so we decided to celebrate in our own unique northern fashion by taking a welcome holiday together in our own geographical “back yard”.

Tossing a couple of suitcases and our girl dog Seew into the car (well okay, we didn’t really toss Seew in – she came along quite voluntarily believe me, because there’s no way on earth she’d let us leave without her), we pointed our vehicle north and headed for Dawson City, Yukon and points beyond.

Having booked a room in advance with a friend and former client from my travel guide ad-selling days at the Bonanza Gold Motel in Dawson City, we arrived on a Thursday evening to encounter a wonderful and delightful surprise from my friend and business owner, Gail Henley. Upon discovering it was our anniversary weekend she promptly moved us from a perfectly good standard room, right up into one of their deluxe jacuzzi suites without any change in rate. What a grand gal she is, let me tell you, and one whose heart truly lives up to the name of her business “Bonanza Gold” – her heart is made up of 100 percent pure Gold and she shared some of that gold with us by her act of kind thoughtfulness and consideration in helping us celebrate our anniversary!

The Bonanza Gold Motel in Dawson City, Yukon where we were treated to such wonderful hospitality and goodness.

Although I had traveled to Dawson City many times in previous years for business purposes, this trip marked the first time my wife and I had come here together for the simple pleasure of reveling in each others company and enjoying the treats the town offered to us as local tourists. We took full advantage of those opportunities too – whether in finding unique places to eat our meals, stores to buy ‘neat stuff’ in, or locations and venues to go to for the sheer enjoyment of the experience.

Leaving all our local purchases and most of our unnecessary belongings in our room to avoid Custom’s complications, we even took an overnight trip across the U.S. border into Alaska over the Top of the World Highway into the gold mining town of Chicken, AK.

With only 17+ year round residents Chicken is an isolated northern Alaska community without electricity or central plumbing. Generators and outhouses are pretty much all you’ll find to take care of those often taken for granted requirements, but as northerners ourselves this posed zero hardship to us.

Three of the four Main Street businesses of Chicken, Alaska.

Famous for its four “Main Street” businesses consisting of a mercantile store, liquor store, saloon and cafe in one long side-by-side building, Chicken has also become infamous for the popularity of the numerous stickers, magnets and T-shirts proclaiming the phrase “We Got Laid in Chicken, Alaska”. Naturally there’s also a picture of a chicken and an egg accompanying that phrase to lend a sense of legitimacy to the obvious humor of the words themselves. We managed to buy the last two T-shirts left in town along with a handful of stickers to hand out to victims already chosen in our minds.

Returning to Dawson City for one more day and night of fun and festivities, we wrapped up our anniversary trip five days from its inception and returned home depleted of funds but gloriously happy in heart and spirit for the time spent together in its celebration.

Seew too was happy to recognize home turf and climb back into her favorite sleeping chair in our living room, where she promptly heaved a huge sigh and drifted off into private dreams of memorable things done and new sniffs encountered on her own first trip of this length or magnitude.

“Half a Lifetime” spent together sparks celebratory anniversary trip was a superb mutual experience we’ll always remember for the joys experienced in the journey taken together to mark those twenty six years.

Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal Uniform for the 2012 Fire Watch Season

True to form, Seew presents her backside to the camera to give you a fine view of her new “Watch Dog” uniform.

Our intrepid girl dog Seew is at it again, but this time in a new role as ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal uniform for the 2012 fire watch season’.

As we all well know, dog lovers can usually be counted on to go to certain extremes when it comes to finding creative ways to “dress up” their favorite canine buddies and pals.

My trusty and observant wife needs to be given full credit for what you’re seeing and reading about on today’s post. She’s the observant one who first noticed how diligently our dog Seew would help me “watch and look” out the window or outside at the horizon for suspicious smokes appearing against the background scenery.

She’s also the one who came across the rain cape that she thought would make an excellent “uniform” for Seew to wear during our 2012 fire watch season together up on the mountain – the better to keep her dry in the rains as well as to be used to entertain the numerous visitors we get up there every year.

It was quite blank when she bought it, but a judicious application of letters from a stencil using a black permanent marker pen soon transformed it into the highly visible and entertaining “uniform” you see in the photos accompanying this post.

Seew as usual manages to present her backside as well as a nice profile shot in her new get up, depending on her particular mood in the moment of the camera’s eye capturing her but that’s pretty much the norm for her anyways, girl dog that she is.

Looking, living and decked out in her new role as the ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog’.

So here you go – enjoy your look at the already infamous Seew in her new role as ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal uniform for the 2012 fire watch season’.