December 4, 2023

Also by Ken Matthies


A series of ten articles written at the altar of personal experience to help those who are grieving to be able to walk the path of their grief, take part in the steps of finding their own healing, and find a reconnection of the spirit to the loved one they lost.

  • Connections that Help you Heal
  • Stepping Out of the Shadows of Grief
  • Letting Go of the Pain and Torment
  • Stretching Yourself to Believe (Again)
  • Finding the ‘Light’ of your Love and Memories
  • Talking to your Lost Loved One
  • Feeling the Touch of their Spirit
  • Hearing their Words of Joy
  • Knowing the Truth in Your Own Heart
  • Your Story – Telling it Your Way


‘HeartSpun Talk from the Crucible of Experience’©

The purpose behind this series of four Mini-Books is to help you reassemble and reintegrate the broken pieces of your life, in ways seen through the eyes and experience of someone who’s been there and found the personal healing all grieving  people instinctively look for.

  • Grieving Advice Tips – Book I
  • Marker Stones of the Grief Journey – Book II
  • Stories of the Grieving Process after a Child Dies – Book III
  • Grieving the Death of a Grown Child, A Poetic Journey – Book IV


Introducing Jimmy Green

Additional characterized short stories are in the works and due for publication in 2012 and beyond in similar format. Be sure to watch for them to appear.

The Miracle of Near Misses, Lessons in Gratitude

In pages taken straight from volatile chapters in the life of Jimmy Green, these are factual and detailed near miss experiences from the life of a real person told from the perspective of gratitude for their survival.

A Fighter to the Finish, A True to Life Story of Faith and Courage

Jimmy Green’s mother was from the old country, old school of hard knocks where no matter how many times you hit the floor you got up again and gave it your best until your last breath.


From the Heart of the Yukon, A Book of Poetry

Discover the magic in the rhythm of rhymed verse in the best tradition of the north. A highly compelling and descriptive medium for stories told in verse.

The Storyteller and the Poet, Creative Odyssey

Behind every poem ever recorded by a writer hovers a story; one seldom included within the written record of those powerful personal events and inspirations which brought the poetry itself into being. Witness the powerfully creative currents which forge a writer into becoming both the storyteller and the Poet.

Jesus and the Modem, Poetry to Feed your Soul

The journeys of a soul reorienting itself to a new and powerful reality of perspective, bringing an entirely new focus, content and meaning to the message of faith contained within the words.


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