December 2, 2023

How to Survive the Death of a Child: A Father’s Story of Healing Light

‘How to Survive the Death of a Child’ is a graphically told and soul-wrenching true story; a father’s honestly written and detailed first-hand account of the devastating experience of losing his child, as well as a revealing chronicle of the bitterly painful yet SUCCESSFUL road he traveled to find personal healing from the immeasurable grief of that loss.

The truths of these events have been poured out whole and undiluted in their entirety, emanating from his rediscovered and renewed wellspring of unconditional Love and Memories of his daughter which have supplied and empowered him in the telling of it. It is this same wellspring which has also been instrumental in this story becoming what the subtitle calls “A Father’s Story of Healing Light.”

It tells of a grieving journey into deeply shadowed and repressed valleys of denial, anger, depression, confusion and torment from which there didn’t seem to be any escape at the time, or end to the pain brought about by death’s close passage through his life.

But of even greater impact is that it also tells the detailed truths of how this father emerged whole and healed from a grief-stricken journey of his soul; a soul which along its way was once again able to find that richly healing LIGHT OF LOVE AND MEMORIES that had long been seared into it with the tenderest of touches from a loving daughter’s heart. It was in the radiance of this Light that he was also to discover a peace of heart and mind which passes beyond normal human understanding, and the simple yet profoundly HEALING TRUTH that there is hope, there is consolation, and THERE IS LIFE AGAIN after a child’s death.

You can purchase “How to Survive the Death of a Child: A Father’s Story of Healing Light” for the Kindle on Amazon here.