June 9, 2023

Dog Caught in violation of Property Boundaries

Seew and Gord. Click to enlarge image.

The dog caught in violation of property boundaries in this image today is none other than our own inimitable Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain, or Seew for short) being returned to our side of the line by my good neighbor Gord, both of them all decked out in their heavy winter gear because of the deep minus 20-something temperatures outside that day.

As chastened as she looks in this photo at being caught and physically carried back to me, Seew has a real love thing going for Gord.

They say you can always trust a dog’s instincts when it comes to their reading of the character within a human heart, and Seew made her first reading and final decision about Gord’s heart and character early on as a still small puppy with the very first sniff she ever graced in his direction.

She made it plain from those first moments that she’d discovered a winner in that department, and just about every single time she steps out the front door for personal business purposes she instinctively glances next door to see if just maybe Gord happens to be hanging around to go have a happy visit with. Today was no exception to that firmly settled rule of attention and affection which lives in her heart for this man.

I’d taken her outdoors and had immediately spotted his truck parked at the end of our road with him standing beside it. Seew’s reaction was both predictable and funny at the same time, and you could almost hear the conversation going on in her head as today’s little event transpired.

Just as soon as Seew had reached a point in out driveway where she was able to see past the snowbanks lining it she suddenly stopped cold in her tracks, head straining forward in near partial disbelief at what she thought she was seeing because it didn’t jibe with his usual location next door.

“Is that Gord?” A few more steps forward and “Is that really Gord I’m seeing? Naaww, that’s not Gord! Can’t be…he doesn’t live down there!” Another few rushing steps forward and another dead stop before “That IS Gord! Ohh Yippeee!!!” And off she flew in a dead-out run to go greet her buddy!

I barely had time to yell out to him that he had a visitor coming before she reached him and leapt up to receive the touch of his gloved hands, in another joyful greeting and demonstration of her deep affection for this man.

I’ve learned to trust this little one’s instincts when it comes to folks she meets. So even though Seew is often the dog caught in violation of property boundaries that exist between us as neighbors, her happy and loving visits with Gord are one violation of those boundaries that it’s pretty difficult to fault her and her wise instincts for.

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