December 3, 2023

Dog Dresses Up for Christmas Activities

The Pose

It can be a lot of fun and lend a lot of color to the occasion when a dog dresses up for Christmas activities like decorating an outdoor community tree, which is where today’s pictures for this post were taken.

Especially when the dog in question is our own puppy Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain), who by now has securely established her inalienable right to appear on these posts from time to time.

She’s a girl, so what else other than those inalienable rights could you expect from a female of the species, eh? I’m kidding, I’m kidding. She’s worth every spot she occupies in this forum and I’m pleased as punch to do them for her because she’s told me I better be, or else. Most guys who own female dogs are used to that kind of perspective, and the wise among us have learned to gracefully roll over and show our bellies as befits our status where girl dogs and their wishes are concerned.

She made sure we decked her out for the occasion in a bright red sweater trimmed in green with a snowman on it, plus a red and white collar with bells on it, and a cute little red elf hat that refused to stay anywhere near the top of her head. She was a four-legged picture of Christmas just begging to be taken, so we did, and you can see just how seriously she posed for at least one of them. The other one…well maybe not quite so much as you can see below.

Hlinukts Seew in her Christmas gear

She was there to make sure we did things right, and after the photo ops and obligatory romps around the Christmas tree she decided she’d supervise operations from the warm comfort of our truck. Smart girl, that one. We were the ones out in the cold wind and occasional snowflakes while she peered regally at us through the window covered in doggy nose spots.

But we finally got the job done to her satisfaction so she allowed us to go have tea and cookies at a friend’s house afterwards, while she snoozed the time away in her warm little basket in the back seat of the truck.

You should have seen the big toothy yawn she gave us when we finally came back to her, as if to say “Did you really have to disturb my beauty sleep?”

Just goes to show you never know what kind of attitude to expect when a girl dog dresses up for Christmas activities.

The girl dog in question is waiting to hear what you’ve got to say about her, so you’d better  fill out the comment form below and ship it off to me p.d.q. She can be impatient, that one, and I’d rather not get caught in the middle of “No Fan Mail Received” explanations.

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