June 9, 2023

Fiery Sunset Lights a Yukon Midsummer Night Skyline

A fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in the photo montage accompanying today’s post.

The brilliance of a fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in blazing colors.

With the myriad fall colors gaining daily brilliance in our deciduous growth and early snows beginning to cap our mountain ranges in blinding white caps, it seems an appropriate moment to take a step back in time to remember and remark upon a Yukon midsummer’s nighttime skyline.

These photos were of course shot from my mountain retreat cabin up at the fire tower I’ve inhabited every summer these past five years, and as you can see it was worth stepping outdoors in the gathering darkness of the land below to capture the brilliant light liming our northwestern skyline.

Contrasts at play in both land and sky.

This is after all the Land of the Midnight Sun, and no finer depiction of our midnight sun’s sunset effects is to be found anywhere other than that captured from a mountaintop in moments like these.

A midsummer night’s northwest view of a sunset overlooking Marsh Lake, Yukon.

I readily admit that my little digital camera is no match for the true brilliance of colors I witnessed in the sky that night, but I offer its limited depictions to you nonetheless in hopes of inspiring you with the brilliant sunset vistas of our unparallelled Yukon land.

So feel free to take a moment or two to fully enjoy yourself as a fiery sunset lights a Yukon midsummer night skyline in brilliant shades and hues of splendor.

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