May 22, 2024

Fresh Snowfall adds Mantle of Mystery to Yukon Magic

A fresh snowfall adds mantle of mystery to Yukon magic – drifting quietly down from the sky to cradle the land in what I’ve always thought of as God’s way of reminding us of the principle of purity symbolized by the sheer bright whiteness of freshly fallen snow.

There’s a mystery and a sweet kind of magic to this Celestial principal of purity I see and feel within the whiteness of that snow, just as there’s always been a mystery and another sweet kind of  magic associated with this awesome land of the Yukon in which I live and continue to learn about those kinds of principals.

I’ve learned many things from this wonderful land and its variations of season and weather in the near thirty years spent here so far, all of which speak to me of their own kinds of sweet magic and mystery embodied within those variations.

I treasure them all as coming from the touch of a Celestial Hand reaching down to touch this land, leaving as His imprint those living lessons to be found in all forms of creation

But for me personally the fresh snowfall which adds it mantle of mystery to Yukon magic every winter is in many ways the best one of them all, signalling with the purity of its whiteness a season of cleansing heralding the arrival of another Spring in which the lessons of that mystery and magic will again be renewed.

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