September 29, 2023

Friend Steps in to help in Time of Need

My friend at work for me

It’s pretty special when a friend steps in to help in time of need, wouldn’t you agree? That’s exactly what my friend did for me yesterday by coming over to run our snow blower up and down our yard to clear it for us because I couldn’t do it myself.

I’m still kind of gimped up and occasionally limping around with a cane in my hand as the result of a flare-up from an old injury, which explains why the need existed. I just wasn’t in shape to do the job myself so I called him to ask for some help, and he didn’t even hesitate a second in agreeing to step in and do the job for me. How awesome is that, eh?

You can see him hard at work in the pictures with this post, letting that machine drag him around behind it. There’s a big yard at our place, never mind the extra parking spaces and the pathways that need clearing for the fuel guy and the water deliveryman, so it’s not exactly a small job. And he got it done in record time too, compared to my usual hour and a half.

A third of the way up the yard

There’s a lot of great history between him and I, so a simple incident of friendship like this carries a lot of extra meaning for me within its context. In my books he’s a truly great guy who understands and values everything that friendship is supposed to mean and stand for, and he showed that to me again by taking this one on for me.

When a friend steps in to help in time of need in your life, for whatever reason, it’s just natural that our hearts should be filled with the kind of gratitude and happiness I’m feeling toward my own friend today.

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