May 22, 2024

Frosty Patterns Etch Branches in Winter Glory

Frosty patterns etch branches in winter glory

I spotted some frost-covered bushes the other day while driving along the river dividing our community, and took the opportunity to stop and witness once again how frosty patterns etch branches in winter glory.

Click your cursor on these photos to get a nice close-up view of these patterns.

It’s pretty much normal around here that every winter sees some degree of hoar frost accumulations on bushes, bridges, buildings and everything else in the path of vapors rising from our river attempting to freeze over. Some years those accumulations are nothing short of spectacular in their frozen majesty and wonder.

This year it’s not as heavy yet, but I hope you’ll find a measure of that beauty in the pictures included with this post that show how frosty patterns etch branches in winter glory.

Frost on the bushes

Background beauty for frosty bush

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