May 18, 2024

Glimmers of a New Sunrise to Light up your New Year’s day

Glimmers of a new sunrise to light up your New Year's day

I don’t usually do weekend posts, but in honor of the new year just sprung upon us today I thought I’d offer you some glimmers of a new sunrise to light up your New Year’s day.

The photo you see attached is my representation of those glimmers – soft shades and tendrils of sunrise pink beginning to light up a winter’s morning  sky for us here in the north.

It’s not the season of the sunrise’s light that matters as much as the meaning of the light itself  that makes it so appropriate for some New Year’s day thoughts, representative as they both are of new beginnings.

For many of us it’s a day of making resolutions for the changes we’d like to make in our lives, or lists of the goals we’d like to accomplish – all of which are worthy endeavors in their own right for those purposes.

For myself I tend to see this particular day from another perspective, where those glimmers of sunrise light speak louder to me than a thousand personal resolutions or lists of any kind that I might record.

I find myself instead looking inward to the heart which is where those glimmers of Creation’s sunrise light touch the essence of life itself – and in that light I find gratitude within the heart of my own being.

Gratitude not only for another New Year dawning on planet Earth, but more importantly a sense of gratitude for the gift of life itself with which I’m able to live and breathe and feel and hear and see the wonders which a New Year will bring into this life we all live.

Gratitude for me is an equalizer that allows my heart and mind to live this life with a far greater sense of inner balance than I’d have without it operating as a factor in my life.

So as you look at those photographic glimmers of a new sunrise sent to light up your New Year’s day, I hope it will fill you with your own inner feelings of gratitude that aren’t so much different from mine as you witness and enjoy another new year of beginnings in your life.

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