June 9, 2023

Hiking Snowy Winter Trails is becoming a Daily Occurrence

Fire Break and trails running up the mountainside

Hiking snowy winter trails is becoming a daily occurrence for me of late, ever since a Fire-Smart crew chewed their way through the underbrush and dead-fall scattered throughout the treeline on the other side of a nearby fire break you see in today’s pic which runs up the mountainside.

Local folks have been making runs up that hillside with their skidoos and skimmers to collect firewood for their stoves, and in the process leaving nice wide trails in the deep snow which subsequently freeze solid and make excellent hiking routes through terrain you’d ordinarily need snowshoes to navigate through.

Although I’d like to claim and keep the credit for taking these hikes entirely to myself the truth of the matter is actually a little different, and I’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

You see, now that our winter temperatures have become so mild of late, our girl dog Seew whom you’ve read so much about in many of my postings is actually the source of incentive and inspiration to take these winter hikes.

She needs the exercise. Truth be told I too need the exercise after months of being either chair or house-bound because it was often too cold to take her out for extended periods – despite the coat and felt booties you’ve seen her wearing in some of the pics I’ve posted of her.

So now with the warmer weather she’s raring to go and that’s inspired me to  tag along and ramble these nifty trails with her. And we both enjoy the heck out of ourselves in the process – her pausing on the trails and waiting for me while I take time to gather my breath, and me pausing to wait for her to finish sniffing her latest discovery of interest before moving along again.

After our return home from these jaunts Seew is always quite happy to be dried off and tucked back under her little afghan blanket on her cushion to drift off to snooze-land again, just like you see in this second picture.

Seew sleeping off her trail exercises

I often just sit here in my chair afterwards looking at her little form all cozy and warm in her blanket, and appreciate her for the fact that hiking snowy winter trails is becoming a daily occurrence for both of us.

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