April 15, 2024

Imminent Seasonal Change to affect Yukon Author’s Blog postings

The Solitude of Mother Nature's Awesome Beauty! Click to enlarge.

‘Imminent Seasonal Change to affect Yukon Author’s Blog postings’ is my way of letting all you readers of my thrice-weekly blog postings know that their schedule of appearance on my website is about to change for a period of time.

With a new Spring season of melt well on its way up here in the north country where I live, other seasonal priorities are imminent and looming on my horizon that will draw me away from internet access and the ability to maintain my current posting schedule.

The months of April through to October are normally ones filled with a plethora of other work and land-related commitments that are an integral part of my chosen lifestyle here in the north.

More of Nature's Beauty, with a Grouse Hen in the Tree. Click to enlarge.

Where I’m going and will be spending the majority of my time over the next six months there will be no internet access to either compel participation or distract me from the duties of my upcoming work, or from the bountiful enjoyments of Mother Nature’s rich beauties that will surround me there.

Past years of doing this have proven them to be times rich in the qualities of solitude and personal reflection that can so easily accompany the stunning surroundings of nature, as well as a time of refreshing inner renewal that has never failed to recharge my personal batteries of life.

For the first time since my Yukon author’s website went live last winter it will also be a period of voluntary disengagement for me from the mainstream of my writer’s website postings, and from those related social media activities supporting it, which internet access now so easily provides to all of us “plugged-in” humans today.

This year those qualities of separation will also serve another purpose by preparing me for another winter season of blog postings and social media connections to be reborn upon my return, as I continue working toward the publishing of more of my previously written literary and poetic works over the cold months which will follow that return.

As you may well be able to imagine now with what I’ve told you, this annual time of separation has become an important period of disengagement for me from the plugged-in world of internet access – 0ne that I personally look forward to each year because of those rich qualities such a period of separation provides me.

As followers of my ramblings I also thought you deserved to have some notice about these upcoming changes so you wouldn’t think I just dropped off the face of the earth.

So here’s the notice that beginning next week and through these coming months my postings may well become sporadic, even though my goal will be to accomplish at least one per Wednesday of each week through this period of time. Here’s hoping I’m able to meet that goal with posts I’ll be trying to prepare ahead of time, but if not, don’t go giving up on me just yet…I’ll magically reappear on scene again this coming winter season with more of them.

In the meantime I ask simply that you be patient with me and understanding of these life priorities which are such an important and integral part of my character and personality as a writer, and of the chosen lifestyle which supports and underlies that character even as it disengages me from your attention over the coming months.

Now you know why an imminent seasonal change (is) to affect (this) Yukon Author’s blog postings, and can look forward with me to our restored and deeper reconnection over the next winter season to come.

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