December 2, 2023

Ingesting Unidentified substance leads to Emergency Hospital visit

'Seew the Gorgeous'...see how good I look?

Trust an intrepid girl dog like ours to lead us to today’s headline about ‘Ingesting Unidentified substance leads to Emergency Hospital visit!’

You’d think any puppy who looks as wise, all-knowing and brightly intelligent as our Seew does in the main picture accompanying this post would know enough not to go ingesting an unknown substance that was going to send her off to La-La Land, eh?

Not so, apparently! Sad to say you’re allowed to dream right along with us in making that kind of assumption, as last Thursday’s events on my watch managed to layer the proof of the pudding over that notion but good! While preparing for that day’s afternoon snow blowing adventures I allowed her to stray from the range of my normally watchful eye for a bit too long, and the not-so-fun and games kicked in for her about two hours later while laying on her favorite mat on my office floor.

Her symptoms were thrown into motion by a couple of heaves that emptied her belly, quickly followed by fully dilated eyes and a piteous look on her face accompanying a wobbly body that suddenly didn’t want to stay on any of its four feet too well. Taking the time to comfort, carefully observe and confirm the fact these things were really happening didn’t make her feel any better, so naturally dad got concerned real quick.

Those concerns led to phone calls – first to my wife at work to brief her in, and then to the vet’s office seventy five long kilometers away from home. When your deeply loved and loving pet is suddenly overcome by illness like this which seems threatening to her life and limb, even one kilometer is too far away for comfort!

The upshot of it all? You can be guaranteed activities involved a quick trip home for the wife and an even quicker trip into town together on snowy roads to get to the vet clinic to take advantage of its after-hours emergency options, as mom rode in the back seat with Seew to monitor her wobblies and keep her as comfortable as possible in her back-seat basket.

We wound up having to leave her in the doggy hospital overnight and a good part of the next day, hooked up to an IV line to flush her system of the nasties which had made her look and act like she was drunk or on a high. The doc said even having found and eaten a tiny roach butt could have done it.

While happily showing her to be clean of any toxins, blood tests taken the next day unfortunately weren’t able to identify whatever those unknown toxins may have been. I’ve got my suspicions about that, right or wrong. Since those symptoms couldn’t have originated here at home let’s just say I’m not letting her wander the neighborhood unsupervised again any time soon!

"Pay attention! I'm talking to you!"

I’ve added the second photo here just to show you that she’s okay now and fully recovered from her little adventure. In fact I think I interrupted her telling me all about it, as you can see from the fact that she was in the middle of saying something when I snapped the picture. Typical girl dog…always talking, talking. Just kidding, just kidding!

The vet bill? Well, let’s just say I’ve already expressed that in one of my tweets on Twitter which went like this…”The dog is home, she’s feeling good, we paid the ruddy bill; Now it’s beans & wieners, mac & cheeze to eat till we’ve had our fill! Worth it!”

And that’s the bottom line – Seew was worth it – because she’s a part of our family and when a member of the family gets sick you don’t stop to count the cost, you just get it done and fixed!

So ‘Ingesting Unidentified substance leads to Emergency Hospital visit’ is my way of telling you about another one of the adventures in the life of our girl dog – ‘Seew the Gorgeous!’

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