December 3, 2023

Islands in the Mist appear through Gray of Winter Fog

Island in the Mist

Today’s topic of ‘Islands in the Mist appear through Gray of Winter Fog’ is another spinoff of a series of photos taken on the same day, and from the same location as some of my previous posts about a boulder on the shoulder and the sun in winter fog – the Emerald Lake lookout on the South Klondike highway not far from my home.

These pictures carry their own form of local winter magic for those of us living in this outstanding region of the Yukon Territory though, because of the supreme uniqueness of this tiny body of water.

Emerged from the winter mists, it sits alone at lakeside

Appearing in these photos to have just emerged from the clinging gray of a winter fog these two islands are actually not islands at all, but rather both projections of the land out into the waters of the small lake within which they both nestle. Each are connected to shore by narrow fingers of land on the backside of each, thereby giving in these pictures an impression of islands rising from the mists of the fog which had earlier enveloped them.

Emerald Lake doesn’t always look as gloomy in the gray of winter fogs as you see in my pictures  here today though. It’s actually one of the most unique and popular tourist stops in the entire Yukon.

Just so you’ll have a little more understanding of that uniqueness as an incentive to stop here for yourself if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should know that Emerald Lake is one of the most photographed bodies of water in the entire North country.

If you doubt this at all feel free to do a Google search of it for yourself – the one I just did as I was writing this post returned 146,000 results in the space of a heartbeat. The colors alone which you’ll see in those photos will blow you away, I promise!

So even though you’re seeing islands in the mist appear through gray of winter fog in the pictures of today’s post, you’ll completely change your perspective about this little lake once your Google search is complete!


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