September 29, 2023

Little Green Frog’s Journey of Love leaves traces over Sixty Thousand miles of Road

Little Green Frog's Journey of Love

‘Little Green Frog’s Journey of Love leaves traces over Sixty Thousand miles of Road’ is another one of those little life stories that illustrates how love and culture can bind our lives together, no matter the time or distances involved.

For nigh on ten years I traveled the roads, highways and byways of Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta and British Columbia on annual trips, and this now-faded little green frog stuffy you see in this picture traveled with me over every inch of those roads.

It’s graced the dashboard of four different vehicles over its lifetime to date, and as far as I’m concerned it’ll continue to grace every dashboard I ever own in my lifetime because of the symbolism it carries in my heart.

Symbols, as you know, have the potential to carry great meaning in our lives if we attach the right values to them.

The symbolism this little green frog carries for me is that it’s representative of my wife’s Frog Clan within her First Nation and as such a visual reminder of her – and the values it carries because of that symbolism are those of her love and commitment to me as her husband which she showed by gifting me with it to accompany me on my travels.

And because I too have been welcomed and brought into a Clan of my own by her people many years ago, the cultural values behind Clan emblems such as her Frog or my own Eagle have added a greater depth to my understanding of and esteem for such symbolism.

So everywhere the roads of my travels have ever taken me – or ever will – this little green frog has always left the traces of its journey of love upon my heart, and carried thoughts of my wife along in its care.

When it comes to the meaning of symbolism and values, it would be hard to ask for a finer one than this sun-faded little green frog that sits always upon my dash.

It’s served as a daily visual reminder of those cultural and emotional ties which bind us together in heart as man and wife, even as the miles of distance between us grew ever greater and then lessened again as my homeward journey began over each of those years.

Now you know how a little green frog’s journey of love leaves traces over sixty thousand miles of road in its travels – and why it always will over those miles that remain yet to be traveled in a lifetime.

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