May 20, 2024

Local landmark Spirit Lake Lodge reopened under New Ownership

Spirit Lake Lodge

Local landmark Spirit Lake Lodge reopened under new ownership this past winter, much to our personal delight and to that of other local area residents who had seriously missed its former decades-long year round presence and been hungering for an alternative year-round dining option.

Located only 5 minutes from Carcross and a mere 45 minute drive south from Whitehorse Yukon among the mountains and lakes of the scenic South Klondike highway, the facility was originally established and operated for decades by the Twigge family before eventually being sold to its second owners who lived in the south and only returned to open it for the summer tourism season – in the process leaving a serious gap in the local economy as well as in the stomachs of area residents who loved its location and recalled its former tasty food options.

Purchased late last fall by a member of the Tran family from Whitehorse it’s once again open to the local and traveling public year round, and features a wonderful assortment of good eats to satisfy the palate of everyone once again able to stop by to enjoy the facility and the friendly atmosphere now being created by owner Richard Tran and his brother Andy.

Consisting of a roomy restaurant area with 5 adjacent motel room units, the Lodge offers a large parking area easily able to accommodate full size buses and RV’S as well as winter revellers hauling large skidoo trailers behind their full size pickup trucks.

That the updated facility also boasts a large addition eminently suited to and now beginning to be used as a location for various organizations to hold catered group meetings is also proving to be a boon, to both the new owners and the various groups needing such a facility in the area.

Parents Henry and Lisa Tran come out for  occasional weekends to lend their help and expertise in the restaurant business to their sons, and add additional charm to the already warm and welcoming atmosphere to be found here.

My wife and I have found new friends there and become avid and happily contented supporters of this wonderful family who have taken up the challenge associated with reopening and operating this much-missed rural facility on a year round basis.

In fact, we were privileged this past weekend to be invited by the family to come and join them for a private traditionally prepared Chinese style dinner consisting of scrumptious dry pork ribs, mango chicken, prawns and asparagus as well as egg rolls and noodles – all of which left us contentedly stuffed to the gills and happily rolling out the door after enjoying each tasty morsel amid the welcoming warmth surrounding their family table.

Although at time of this writing not yet a part of the menu currently offered, we’re told by them that these types of thoroughly enjoyable Chinese dishes are likely to be added in the coming months for certain occasions and times. We can hardly wait!

Here's our personal "Thumbs Up" endorsement for you to stop by Spirit Lake Lodge!

Whether you’re a local area resident reading this or a future traveler or tourist passing through the region, be sure to stop by and spend a night or grab a bite to fuel your passage. You won’t regret the opportunity taken.

As an added inducement here’s a bright and highly visible  “Thumbs Up” personal endorsement of Spirit Lake Lodge to add to your reasons for stopping in.

Now you know why we’re so happy that local landmark Spirit Lake Lodge reopened under new ownership recently – stop by for a visit and tell the boys we sent you!

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