May 18, 2024

Love delivers Presents under family Christmas Tree

We feel blessed far beyond fortunate that love delivers presents under our family Christmas tree every year, as it did so faithfully again this Christmas season.

As has always happened in our home, Christmas Eve comes along and we find ourselves staying up past the midnight hour – partly to keep track of Santa on his round the world blitz as tracked by NORAD – and partly to give ourselves a legitimate excuse not to wait until Christmas morning to open our presents.

And it works every time. We always tease each other that we’re going to wait till morning this year, but sure as the clock gets ready to strike the midnight hour we find ourselves looking at each other and grinning, knowing we’re going to keep up our own family tradition begun twenty five years before.

And it’s as we all hand them out to each other and watch the opening of them that the love which has gone into choosing them with care is matched by the love with which they’re received – and the circle of love itself is deepened between us.

Love delivers presents under our family Christmas tree that way every year, and I can’t help but hope that it does the same for you in your home too!


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