December 4, 2023

Major Breakthrough in personal healing discovered within a Voice on the Mountain

"A Voice on the Mountain"

‘A Major Breakthrough in personal Healing discovered within A Voice on the Mountain’ is the subject of today’s post, timed to coincide with the looming tenth anniversary shadows of his daughter’s death once again beginning to approach this father’s personal life horizon.

In excerpts taken from his book ‘How to Survive the Death of a Child’ you see available on this website, the topics of both this week’s post and the next will address those looming anniversary shadows – and share with you two of the key steps of his grieving journey which helped turn those dark shadows into the radiant light of healing for a second-chance dad.

If you’ve lost a child or other close loved one in your life, it’s both a hope and a prayer of this father’s heart that these two stories will find their own level of resonance in your heart as well, to aid you along in your journey of healing from that grief.

Be sure to tune in again next week Wednesday on this site to find out about ‘A Daughter’s Final Gift’ in the second installment of these stories.

A Voice on the Mountain

“It’s sometime in May of 2006 and I’m on the road into town for my appointment this month with my friend and counselor Anthony. I’m vibrating and shaking inside because of an absolutely amazing realization about my daughter’s death and absence in my life that I’ve just recently come to, and I’m aching to share it with him. I can feel its power and truth coursing through my soul and I weep with an unexpected depth of gratitude as I drive.

When we get settled into his office I begin to tell him about it, and my emotions are surging against the barricades I still reflexively maintain in order to seem normal to those around me. It’s even still hard to step around them with Anthony and allow him or anyone else access to those deep and powerful currents that continue their rampage within me. I know I’m definitely healing but I’m still not quite ready to fully come out from behind them yet. Truth is I still don’t know exactly how to, but I also know the time will come when I do.

I tell him I’d gone out for a solitary walk on the mountain behind our house a few days before, and how in the midst of some more deep soul searching and agony I’m crying out to my daughter – and suddenly realize I can hear her voice clear as a bell, talking back to me! What is this – is it real? I tell him how I shake my head in disbelief at those questions, thinking I’m going nuts and continue my walking and crying out.

Then I hear it again – with the same crystal clarity that first rang its note in my heart only moments before – only this time its impact drives me to my knees on the mountain trail as comprehension of its true meaning comes roaring in on the wings of sudden illumination.

Almost four years after her death, and suddenly I realize that what others have told me to be true about their dearly departed ones is in fact now true for me too! She’s always been there living in my heart and memories, waiting for me to realize her continued closeness in this way – waiting for me to begin talking directly with her once again instead of only at her lost physical presence!

And then I tell him how the depths of the conversation we’d had that day and in the days since this revelation has begun to unlock the shackles from my years of pain and grieving!

And I know that I don’t tell it to him exactly this way, but I remember coming down from the mountain that day feeling like Moses must have felt carrying the Ten Commandments down from his own mountain of miracles – knowing he’d spoken with a Spirit and knowing it had been real. Knowing also that this same Spirit lived within him and walked with him and that they could talk together at any time they wished.

Just like my daughter and I had done together on our own mountain that breakthrough day, or could do again at any time we wished to in the future. Just as we continue to do to this day in fact, and will until the moment beyond time when our spirits embrace again in eternity.

Simply to be able to once again hear the gorgeous sound of my daughter’s voice, feel the glowing touch of her spirit as we converse, and to hear the outright and utter joy in her voice in our new-found communications has become a breakthrough in personal healing surpassing all others accomplished to date!

If this isn’t a miracle of healing in the aftermath, what is? As far as miracles go it’s clear to me that this one has gone infinities beyond little this time!”

A true story of major breakthrough in personal healing discovered within a voice on the mountain that helped turn the darkness of grief into the light of genuine healing, taken from the annals of a father’s personal journey.


  1. Chuck Myra says

    Hi Ken,

    I heard your interview with Jennifer West and really enjoyed it. I just read about your breakthrough with your daughter and just have to tell you, I think it is so beautiful. It is such a gift when we can allow ourselves to be open enough to receive such knowledge and wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with everyone. I wish you continued success on your journey.

    Warmest Regards,
    Chuck Myra

    • Hi Chuck,

      Thanks for your comments both about the podcast interview and my most recent blog post – they truly mean a lot to me, especially in regard to the one about my daughter. You might be interested to know that another story about her from that day on the mountain is due to be posted this coming Wednesday. I hope you come back for another visit to read that one too. Many thanks again for your words and your wishes, and I wish you a good journey in return.

      Warmest Regards Also,
      Ken Matthies

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