May 21, 2024

Mountain Cabin slated to be used as Summer home for Published Author

My Summer Mountain Cabin

There’s a mountain cabin slated to be used as summer home for a published author – that author of course being me, and the cabin of course being the one I inhabit every summer in my seasonal position there as a Fire Lookout.

It might not look like much to you, but to me I’m living in the lap of luxury on a mountaintop with stunning views all around me in absolutely every direction I choose to look. And of course that’s the object of my being there – I’m supposed to spend my time looking so of course I do that a lot.

But to get back to the cabin itself – it’s not huge inside but it’s big enough for a shower room, kitchen, small bedroom and a main living area that includes a dining and reclining area (couch), as well as space for my work desk and radio setup.

And all of this comes with running water from a storage tank up the hill, full electrical appliances and heating, as well as a spacious outdoor outhouse with its own steel-grated door that I put on to keep out the porcupines that love eating its plywood interior.

Here’s a picture of that outdoor edifice and the past porcupine predations, in case you think I’m kidding. And oh by the way, that big rock you see in the building? It’s there along with another equally big one inside to keep the outhouse from blowing over in the high winds that often blow hard up there.

The Prestigious Steel-gated Outdoor Abode

And in case you’re wondering, yes the cabin does also have a wood stove inside tucked into a corner to use in case the power craps out and it gets unseasonably cool outside, which has been known to happen.

And since I’m also a writer and published author who loves his times and places of solitude, can you even think of a better place for me to have to spend my summers? And get paid for it while I’m there? Nope, didn’t think you could, because neither can I!

So as far as I’m concerned that mountain cabin slated to be used as summer home for a published author is sheer heaven on earth for me!

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