June 9, 2023

My Yukon Life Podcast Radio Interview – Episode 65 Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies

Tagish Fire Tower

As an additional bonus to my blog readers on this website, ‘My Yukon Life Podcast Radio Episode 65 Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies’ aired tonight on podcast radio.

My Yukon Life podcast originator and host Jennifer Hawks came up to my fire tower this past Sunday to do an interview with me about work and life at this location, and it turned into an entirely entertaining and informative interview that I’m thinking you might find interesting to listen to as well.

So go here now, turn up your sound, and enjoy! Who knows – you might learn something you never knew before either about life as a Lookout in a fire tower located on a pristine Yukon mountaintop.


I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to ‘My Yukon Life Podcast Radio Episode 65 Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies’, and please be sure to tell your friends about it as well to increase Jennifer’s listening base to her podcast series!

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