April 15, 2024

New Glasses are deemed a Priority for local Fire Tower Lookout

New Glasses are deemed a Priority

As though new teeth aren’t enough to contend with like you read about in his most recent post, now it seems that new glasses are deemed a priority for local fire tower lookout Ken Matthies as well.


I love getting older…some days maybe not quite so much as others but overall it’s an interesting ride that leads us to the far horizon of having run our course. As I’m aging I get to experience first-hand the ‘system glitches’ that seem to accompany us as we slide into our elder-hood, and those glitches are a good reminder to let myself begin to gracefully give up the things of my youth while still doing my best to retain a youthful attitude about them.

My visit to the optometrist the other day was another case in point that served to reinforce those perspectives for me.

It turns out I need a minor prescription change to help my old eyeballs be able to focus more clearly and quickly on whatever I’m looking at, so I decided to get some new frames to replace the  old worn out ones to accompany the new lenses currently being created for me.

I’m actually really looking forward to these new glasses though because of an improvement in the technology of their production. They’re called high definition lenses and they produce sharper vision than regular eyeglass lenses do.

That sharper vision ability of these new lenses is going to prove to be of real value to me in this upcoming season of fire watching from the tower I man in the summers – never mind being able to see this computer screen more clearly so I can keep writing additional posts for your future enjoyment.


So the fact that new glasses are deemed a priority for local fire tower lookout Ken Matthies isn’t just about him getting new hardware for his face – it’s also about him happily accepting the changes that age are bringing him, this time in the form of high definition glasses to enjoy it with.


  1. Funny thing…I just did the same thing this week. My new frames look strangely similar to yours. Hmmm…what’s that about?

    • Are we family or what, eh! Our genetics reaching out and touching us both at the same time to remind us of that linkage, maybe. Next thing you know we’ll both be humming to the notes of the same song…”I Can See Clearly Now…”…at least I hope we are…lol.

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