December 4, 2023

Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night


‘Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night’ is a little poem I wrote fourteen long years ago as a fun kind of personal identifier for an Internet chat room of the day.

It garnered its share of attention at the time from the room participants, and forever settled the name of a ‘handle’ I’ve used ever since.

What I both chuckle at and find myself meditating upon as I write this post for you today, is the realization that the name now carries an additional aura of authenticity because of my own advancing age.

I have finally become the ‘Old Eagle’ its words first envisioned, and along with acceptance of that simple truth has come a deeper appreciation for what that means to my future.

My feathers are beginning to show the signs of wear brought about by the endless miles flown through the skies of a personal firmament filled to the brim with the incalculable experiences of a lifetime already lived.

Each of those experiences have undergone metamorphosis to become treasures of varying degree, resonating their message of learning and value to a heart still beating strongly in the joys of an unfettered flight I remain privileged to continue.

My increasing age has already brought the understanding that one day Oldeagle’s wings will be called to make their final flight, drawn to a jewel-encrusted roost among the brilliant stars of a heaven overflowing with the joys of new experiences to be learned and treasured in that place.

I am content in the heart of my being knowing where that last powerful thrust of pinions will take me before my Oldeagle wings are furled in final rest, and even as I remain grateful that this living flight continues, my heart can’t help but begin to leap even now with the anticipated joy of future arrival.

What started out fourteen years ago as a light hearted and fun moniker to use among the ethers of the Internet has now come full circle to a new maturity of meaning, and I find myself accepting and valuing that meaning in a deeply wonderful way.

It’s interesting how our perspectives and understandings can change and find their own levels of maturity over time, don’t you think?

Come join me now for the original flight of Oldeagle – a flight that since it’s inception has been responsible for so much change, maturity, and  acceptance.


Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night… and watches the brilliant green northern light… as it ripples and weaves its magical way… and turns black night into mystical day.

He glides the winds that blow high in the sky… and watches those lights that flash in his eye… his heart filled with awe at the beauty of light… he glides through the air in this magical night.

‘Oldeagle rises and soars high in the night’ has transitioned in meaning and become my personal metaphor for the life I live – and am on some wondrous day as yet to be determined, destined to leave.


  1. Very good and well worded. Lets hear more of your old poems because I know you have a draw full……

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