December 4, 2023

Photo Composition wins Yukon Author’s Personal Best Selection

It’s kind of fun for me to be able to claim that a ‘Photo Composition wins Yukon Author’s Personal Best Selection’ – especially because of the fact that the photo composition itself was completely unplanned by me when I took it.

Collage - A Personal Best Photo Composition. Click to Enlarge.

In fact it was completely accidental in its result, but I sure love the way it turned out and hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!

It was shot on the same day I was taking the pictures of our unusually frozen river referred to in a post last week, when me and our intrepid girl dog Seew had jumped in the car together to go do that photo shoot.

Although the temperature was only at 0 degrees Celsius that day it was still blowing a hard chill wind outside, so I’d left her in the car to monitor my activities from the warmth and comfort of the driver’s seat.

It was only as I was returning to the car from across the road that I saw Seew staring so intently at me through the window, and reflexively raised the camera to try to catch her expression. At the time I didn’t even notice my own image or anything else reflecting back at me off the window, I was just happy to know I’d caught the look on her face.

When I finally had a chance to open that picture full size on the computer I was completely blown away, and amazed at how beautifully the four different images within it had overlaid each other – background scenery, car interior, Seew and myself all superimposed together in a collage I couldn’t have created if you’d paid me to.

To tell you the truth I don’t know that I’ve ever taken a finer photo – intentionally, accidentally or otherwise – so it definitely qualifies for the personal-best status I’ve assigned to it.

Photographic accidents that turn out like this one are rare in my world, so I thought I’d share the picture and the story of how a photo composition wins Yukon author’s personal best selection.

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  1. Skoehoeteen says

    Yup that’s a gooder…

    • Well thank you, my darling wife! You helped, so the credit belongs just as much to you as well…and I gladly acknowledge that! Smiles ‘n Hugs!

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