December 3, 2023

Puppy Love plays an important role in Animal play Behavior

"My Buddy! I love you sooo much!!" Click to enlarge both photos.

Puppy love plays an important role in animal play behavior, as is illustrated so sweetly in today’s photos accompanying this post.

Yeah I know I write a lot of posts about our intrepid girl dog Seew, but only because she’s so cute and such a downright good actor and participant in this experience we’re calling ‘our life’.

Hopefully these stories about her exploits both entertain and amuse you as you come across them, because of course that’s what they’re intended to do by their appearances in this venue. So here’s one more to add to the roster, and naturally this one too carries its own little twists to add to the ongoing saga of her furry four-footed life.

We’d taken Seew along on a winter visit to see some friends, knowing full well they had a relatively new and rambunctious pup of their own by the name of Nanook that she might like to meet up and play in the snow with.

Seew might seem hardly recognizable in these shots in comparison to what she looks like today in her other pictures on this site, but that’s only because of the style of her haircut as you see it here. For a while we had her trimmed to look more like a mini-Schnauzer (who knows, maybe she is one?) because her hair length was amenable to being royally toyed with, so of course we toyed with it to our heart’s content.

Boy oh boy, were we ever right about the play part! These pups were zipping wildly and happily up and down the steep driveway, tackling each other, rolling around in the snow and pulling off all manner of incredible leaping feats of agility up and down the steep snowbanks that would have stopped many a larger dog cold in his tracks.

My wife’s intrepid camera work managed to capture a lot of those playful doggy shenanigans. The two you see here today are part of the cream of the crop from them because of what they appear to depict…puppy love at its best and most curious!

"What's this under here? Let me smell it!"

The puppy love involved in their play behavior that day was on full display for all of us to see as they darted here, stopped stock still there, gauged and assessed each other, grappled and tackled, and just allowed themselves to revel in each others company to play their hearts out.

I’ll let the captions I’ve put under the pictures do their own talking and leave the interpretations to the fertility of your imaginations.

But hopefully they at least illustrate how puppy love plays an important role in animal play behavior – if so, my mission’s accomplished for today.

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