June 9, 2023

Puppy Poses speak clearly of both Instinct and Intelligence

The Pose. "Look at me now! I'm so beautiful when I pose like this!"

I’ve been notified in no uncertain terms that it’s time for another post about our cute little girl dog Hlinukts Seew (Sweet Rain), because she says her puppy poses speak clearly of both instinct and intelligence that she carries inside her which she wants you to know about.

She’s a girl dog…what choice do I have but to comply instantly to her demands to take action? None, according to her, so who am I to argue with such female insistence.

So here she is again in a parade of photos carrying their own captions to illustrate those traits that she’s insisted I share with you. Enjoy!

"You wanted me to do WHAT exactly?"

"This is MY stick, and No you can't have it!"

"Ohhh I love my instincts...what a delightful scent on these branches!"

"That's it Dad, I've had enough! I'm going home now. It's too damn cold out here even with my fancy boots and all these layers of clothes on! Brrrrr's 'n Shiverrr's"

No dummy, this girl dog! She says she feels better now that she’s had a chance for her puppy poses to speak clearly of both instinct and intelligence to you!

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