May 17, 2024

Summer session of Solitude beckons Yukon author Ken Matthies

Summer session of Solitude beckons from this location

Another summer session of solitude beckons Yukon author Ken Matthies even as he pens these words to his post for today. Though still some months away from becoming reality, its draw upon his need for a time of unfettered quietness of the soul has already become undeniable in its intensity.

His gaze has increasingly been drawn upwards over the lengthening days of winter light towards the mountaintop he knows awaits his presence there as a seasonal fire lookout on it. He can feel the powerful magnetic pull of its solitude calling him back to the peacefulness of its annual embrace upon the solitary writer’s spirit he knows lives deep within him.

He knows full well too and welcomes the fact that his chosen work is of a solitary nature, unsuited to those faint of heart in the presence of  Mother Nature’s naturally beautiful and remote displays or its sometimes raw furies, and uncomfortable in the absence of those many social stimuli so prevalent and demanded in the culture of our modern day.

This is one writer who welcomes his time of disconnection from the daily demands of the social stream, while still able to remain at heart a person of great sociability.

Here there are no internet services to keep him connected to those social stimuli. By his personal choice there is no television set to entertain his evening hours. He doesn’t even bother to plug in the radio which sits on a corner shelf in his cabin because he has no use for the sounds of its distraction from the quietness of his solitary surroundings.

Only the occasional sounds and communications of his work radio, the spoken words of infrequent cell phone calls, or the presence of the odd visitor come to take in the spectacular views are there to disturb the tranquility and solitude of his surroundings – and he loves it that way because it stimulates and feeds the fires of an inner creativity which finds its best expression in the midst of the solitary.

Given that perspective it’s little wonder that another summer session of solitude beckons Yukon author Ken Matthies to once again become a part of its pristine sounds of silence.


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