September 29, 2023

Sun in Winter Fog contrasts Sky of Blue

Sun in winter fog

The sun in winter fog contrasts a sky of blue in the photos I’ve included with today’s post.

Taken from the Emerald Lake viewpoint along the South Klondike Highway I referred to in a previous post, these shots offer just one more perspective on the endless contrasts and majesty of this phenomenal land I’m privileged to live in.

In a closeup of one end of the lake shrouded in winter fogs the sun appears only as a bright ball burning through the upper reaches of that fog, leaving the coldness of the day to be typified within the misty lower reaches of it at ground level.

With the camera lifted only a few degrees higher than the previous photo was taken at the true contrasts of the same sun in winter fog beside a sky of blue laced with lighter clouds becomes remarkable, offering again its golden ball of light burning in the background to showcase its beauty.

Sun in winter fog contrasts sky of blue

Click on the pictures to get a closer view. ‘Sun in winter fog contrasts a sky of blue’ seemed a reasonable title for this post, wouldn’t you agree?

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