May 22, 2024

“Keep Moving” is the right Mantra for old Injuries and Aching older Bodies

“To keep your balance you must keep moving!” Albert Einstein.  (Painting “Ding! Ding!” by John Salmon – original for sale – see more of John’s work at

“Keep Moving” is the right mantra for old injuries and aching older bodies as the decades stack up the year-count on us, as I continually prove to myself with my own growing-older carcass day after day.

I refer to my older body as a carcass in a deliberate way as a humorous means to keep my spirits up regardless of what it’s asked to endure as it continues to age.

I figure that with age being the entirely relentless process that it is that I might as well have as much fun with it as I can, while I can. After all, humor in the face of adversity is generally considered a psychologically and emotionally good counter-move to the pain or difficulties those adversities tend to bring our way.

After years of not knowing any better about the sheer and unbelievable value and importance of maintaining movement in previously injured joints, it was a new chiropractor some years ago who finally turned the knowledge-tap on for me about its vital importance to the body’s continued well being regardless of age’s encroaching impacts.

Simple stretches, rotations, bending, twisting and walking to counter the stiffness and pain that builds up in previously injured areas of the body has definitely proven to be a new life-giver and lifesaver to my old carcass, so who am I to argue with that kind of success?

“Keep Moving” is the right mantra for old injuries and aching older bodies, as proven by the results of the doc’s recommendations that I now continue to use day after day  to keep this humorous old carcass fully functional.