May 22, 2024

Photo Pictorial reveals Mountains clothed in Winter Glory

A ‘Photo Pictorial reveals Mountains clothed in Winter Glory’ is a compilation of winter shots taken of some of the mountains in our local area.

Their beauty speaks for itself with a power no words could add to. Enjoy!

Simply click on the images to enlarge them for your viewing pleasure.

Mountains clothed in Winter Glory, looking down Bennett Lake toward Coast Range

The mountains of the Seven Sisters

Slopes of Montana Mountain, with freezing 'Smoke on the Water' visible in center image

Foothills of Montana Mountain, with high winds blowing snow off upper peaks

A view of Gray Ridge with more 'Smoke on the Water' as lake waters freeze

Broken ridge side of Caribou Mountain

Book Mountain on corner of Windy Arm and Tagish Lake opposite Bove Island

I’m sure you can see why I choose to live in this part of the world and call it home.

A photo pictorial that reveals mountains clothed in winter glory is all the reason I’ll ever need to stay here for the rest of my days!

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