September 29, 2023

The refrains of “I Can See Clearly Now” proved to be False

The refrains of "I Can See Clearly Now" proved to be False

The refrains of “I Can See Clearly Now” proved to be false the other day after I arrived home with that new pair of eyeglasses I wrote about needing in a recent post.

The call had come telling me that my new glasses were ready for pickup so I made the trip into town to go get them.

I’m soon perched on a stool at the vision shop with what I thought were my brand new enhanced ‘super-digital-vision’ glasses perched on my beak, and I’m looking out the window at the nearby hills exclaiming how clearly I can see now. And the shop techs are agreeing with me about how great my new and sharper observations must be.

All is well I think as I make payment for my purchase and head out the door to more closely observe my new and improved world of sight. I’m still thinking about and thoroughly enjoying how improved I believe that vision to be as I drive home again.

Little do I know yet as to the degree of delusion I’m unknowingly placing myself under.

This delusion even makes eminent sense to me in the moment because I know I’m looking through lenses that contain a new prescription specifically designed to improve my vision. Besides, there aren’t any scratches or rub spots on these new ones so of course I’ll be able to see clearly now.

It’s not until shortly after my arrival back at home base that this state of ongoing delusion gets a little shattered, resulting in some hearty laughter at myself for being so certain about my new and improved concepts of vision.

The phone rings just as I get settled back into my office chair. It’s the vision shop calling back again.

It seems they were a little hasty in installing the lenses I’ve been feeling so happy about. It turns out that both the regular version as well as the digitally enhanced version of these lenses had been ordered, and guess which one arrived in today’s mail? You got it – the enhanced ones – and could I please stop by the next time I’m in town and they’d be glad to switch them out for me?

Naturally I agreed to do just that after I quit laughing at myself and teasing them about the mix up. We’re all good friends, so the teasing and laughter was all taken in stride as we chuckled at each others delusions about how good we had both thought I could see now.

So while the refrains of “I Can See Clearly Now” proved to be false for the short term, in two days time from the writing of this post my world of sight will actually be altered for real – this time with the correct set of enhanced digital lenses installed for me to really be able to see clearly now.