May 22, 2024

Winter’s Freeze appears as Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the water, hoar frost on the trees

When winter’s freeze appears as smoke on the water, we northern folks have come to know that temperatures have finally dipped deep enough into the minus regions that the water doesn’t stand a chance of not freezing.

Characterized by foggy vapors which rise and drift along the surface of the waters and creep their way on shore to coat everything within reach in layers of hoar frost, this normal phenomenon of a deep freeze is often referred to by locals as ‘smoke on the water’ – a completely valid comparison to a ground fire which carries its own smoke low above the surface in much the same manner.

Click on the pictures to get a close-up view of what I’m saying.

Winter's freeze appears as smoke on the water in Carcross, Yukon

In wintertime the appearance of this unique interaction between water and temperature has often shown a sense of haunting beauty, and many a face has been turned toward that beauty to watch as it unfolds the secrets of its composition.

Head north sometime during a serious cold spell and find a body of water still open to the air. You’ll see for yourself that winter’s freeze appears as smoke on the water.