December 2, 2023

Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal Uniform for the 2012 Fire Watch Season

True to form, Seew presents her backside to the camera to give you a fine view of her new “Watch Dog” uniform.

Our intrepid girl dog Seew is at it again, but this time in a new role as ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal uniform for the 2012 fire watch season’.

As we all well know, dog lovers can usually be counted on to go to certain extremes when it comes to finding creative ways to “dress up” their favorite canine buddies and pals.

My trusty and observant wife needs to be given full credit for what you’re seeing and reading about on today’s post. She’s the observant one who first noticed how diligently our dog Seew would help me “watch and look” out the window or outside at the horizon for suspicious smokes appearing against the background scenery.

She’s also the one who came across the rain cape that she thought would make an excellent “uniform” for Seew to wear during our 2012 fire watch season together up on the mountain – the better to keep her dry in the rains as well as to be used to entertain the numerous visitors we get up there every year.

It was quite blank when she bought it, but a judicious application of letters from a stencil using a black permanent marker pen soon transformed it into the highly visible and entertaining “uniform” you see in the photos accompanying this post.

Seew as usual manages to present her backside as well as a nice profile shot in her new get up, depending on her particular mood in the moment of the camera’s eye capturing her but that’s pretty much the norm for her anyways, girl dog that she is.

Looking, living and decked out in her new role as the ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog’.

So here you go – enjoy your look at the already infamous Seew in her new role as ‘Tagish Tower Watch Dog is issued her personal uniform for the 2012 fire watch season’.

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