September 29, 2023

The immeasurable Beauty of my Daughter’s Heart and Spirit is reflected in her Artistic Expression

Gold wire and semi-precious stone bracelet. Click to enlarge all images.

The immeasurable beauty of my daughter’s heart and spirit is reflected in her artistic expression, as you can see for yourself in the stunning photos accompanying today’s post.

But before I say more about that artistic expression let me share a little bit of background to give these pictures the depth of meaning they deserve.

Another view

I’m a lucky man…no, let me rephrase that…I’m a man blessed among men of all those living on planet earth to have been given such an astonishingly loving and gifted daughter!

Springing into my life as a lovely but troubled adult woman with four young children like she did years ago wasn’t something I ever expected to have happen to me. But it did, as these things are wont to do when the loving Hand of a Master Planner is at work in our lives for purposes we don’t necessarily understand at the time.

Sterling silver and semi-precious stone earrings - a pure work of art

And it wasn’t all that long after we had become friends when the magical ‘click’ happened between us that transformed our relationship from that of already wonderfully good friends, into that of mutually ‘heart-adopted’ father and daughter, just as the Master Planner had in mind for us from the start of it all. And of course along with that transformation of heart my wife and I were destined to also become grandparents to her four beautiful children.

She had over that interval of time become a shining and hungry-for-love-and-direction living spirit in the firmament of my life, and I had become the older mentor and equally hungry-to-love-and-guide-in-return potent parental spirit in hers – which as it turned out was precisely what that same Planner had known would be needed in both of our lives for all of the years yet to be given to us.

Sterling silver wire brought to flowing life

The powerfully loving beauty and depth of this remarkable relationship has done nothing but grow deeper and richer over the years of its existence, even though we are now separated by geographical distances that make personal visits only occasionally possible. The telephone, as ancient an anachronism as it is these days, is still the tie that binds our hearts and voices together in the ongoing wonder of this unparalleled father and daughter relationship.

Her name is Kim, and the inner spirit wrapped within this woman’s heart of love is far and above one of the most incredibly beautiful and richly gifted spirits I have ever been privileged to meet in a lifetime!

It’s from within the richness of this amazing heart and spirit that the creations you see here today have sprung in her work with the mediums of gold and silver wire and semi-precious stones, and to me their beauty represents the true essence of her being.

Another sterling silver wire and semi-precious stone medallion bracelet

Though still recovering from the many troubles, wounds and traumas of her life from before we ever met, my daughter’s pure and perfect heart and spirit continue to shine through the handiwork of her hands and translate themselves into the glowing beauty of her creative endeavors.

I reminded her recently about that truth again in reference to one of her bracelets shown here, with words spoken in a phone call and later sent to her in a written note…”As glowingly beautiful as this piece be – and it is – the beauty of the heart and spirit that created it shines immeasurably brighter! You, my darlin’ girl Kim, are the REAL work of art here – so its no wonder such beautiful creations are able to flow out of the heart of your being! 🙂 xxxooo”

A closer look at the semi-precious stone medallion

I write these words with a heart full of love, pride and honor and dedicate each of them to the most beautiful daughter in all the universes of Creation for all that she is and has come to mean to me.

I am blessed and content beyond measure to count the remarkable woman whose heart and spirit you see personified here as a daughter of my own heart and spirit for life. This to me is what real treasures are all about.

Now you understand why I say that the immeasurable beauty of my daughter’s heart and spirit is reflected in her artistic expression…enjoy it with me now as you view these photos again in the light of that understanding!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! These are beautiful!!!

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