September 29, 2023

Thoughts of Summer Clouds once captured the Poetic imagination of Yukon author

Thoughts of summer clouds once captured the poetic imagination of Yukon author Ken Matthies, as seen here in an excerpt taken from his upcoming book entitled ‘The Storyteller and the Poet’.

“It’s while I’m on a solitary walk far away from the town site one day, stretched out for a bit on a grassy hillside watching a translucent blue sky that poetic thoughts sneak back into a mind temporarily closed to their deeper implications.

I can’t help myself  it seems. Those puffy riffs and skiffs of cloud drifting across this unbelievably beautiful sky I’m watching take me right back to being a kid again, wishing I was able to find words to describe their magic. It’s only upon returning to my bunkhouse later on that my Muse ambushes me with those same images and memories, causing me to once again be coerced into grabbing pen and paper in an attempt to record them”.

Thoughts of Summer Clouds. Click to enlarge images.

Thoughts of Clouds

Sailboats and galleys and yes – battleships too! Lions-heads, and funny faces, cat-tails, and a crow!

They all file by in double ranks; creating a stately procession of fanciful thoughts and daydreams, and wishful thinking too.

They rise and fall, float and sink; all to the whims of the winds. And finally disperse in puffs of mist to form another thought.

Summer Storm Clouds over the Mountains.

Storm Clouds

They race this way in stacks of gray, or white, and sometimes black. They fill the sun and close the sky; the door for now is locked.

And then they weep their diamond tears in shimmering sheets of rain. They pitter-pat and quickly tap their message on the ground.

But then as if by one accord they break and quickly scatter. As if in shame for having stayed a little bit too long.

They whip away on wind-powered wheels to meet another time, and once again assume their role of Powers in the Sky.

The full version of ‘Thoughts of summer clouds once captured the poetic imagination of Yukon author’ Ken Matthies is slated to become available on Amazon Kindle books later this year.

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