December 2, 2023

Towers in the Fog and the Mists of a Mountaintop

Mountain towers in the fog and the mists.

Towers in the fog and the mists of a mountaintop can be seen in today’s photos accompanying this post.

You’ll notice that all of the other various radio, TV and communication towers and antennas also located here are just as cloaked in the gray stuff as my fire tower is.

So much for a summer season of fire watching from the cupola of my tower though – at least so far. As you can see in these pictures our summer hasn’t arrived on our doorstep as yet.

Rather we’ve been inundated with many days and nights of temperatures still a little below our seasonal norms, along with lots of cloudy and even downright rainy days instead – and of course the fog you see in these photos usually wraps itself over my mountaintop on those particularly rainy days as well, to drive home the point about current weather conditions.

The other towers fading into the mists.

Oh well, my cabin gets to looking and feeling downright cozy when conditions are like this, so I’m not complaining. The rate 0f pay stays the same for me whether conditions are cloudy and wet, or hot and sunny, so either way I’m still a happy camper.

If our department’s weather prognosticator turns out be right we just might see a later summer and subsequent fire season show up this year, and if that happens I just might be tacking some extra time onto both the weeks actually spent here this year, as well as onto the paychecks I’ll be forced to accept for staying longer.

Oh well again – it’s a tough life but somebody’s got to do it, right? Might as well be me. You’ll forgive the smile on my face if that happens – I’ll be happy to continue counting the money as I sit longer than usual in one of the most beautiful locations on earth and watch for smokes.

Towers in the fog and the mists of a mountaintop aren’t necessarily a bad thing, after all.

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