December 4, 2023

Unique Christmas Tree Decoration

Unique Christmas decorations

Yesterday my wife and I decided to create a unique Christmas tree decoration for our local 25-foot community Christmas tree that you see in the picture below.

This tree is beginning to hold a special significance to our little village.

For the past two years a new Christmas tree has been brought in from the bush, strung with lights and raised for the  season, courtesy of the local contractor who also owns and is currently refurbishing the historic Caribou Hotel you see in the background.

Community Christmas Tree

He does this out of the goodness of his own heart, and this year we’ve decided to join together with a bunch of other local residents to show our appreciation of those efforts by helping to decorate it up a little bit.

Because of its large size and the fact that it’s an outside tree subject to the high winds sometimes blowing through our area, we’re naturally all focusing on using larger and heavier ornamentation to decorate it with.

My wife is an avid collector of all things Coca Cola, and for our contribution to the tree she came up with the idea of transforming a bunch of their seasonal round bottles into a unique Christmas tree decoration, just like you see in the featured image which comes with this post.

Accomplished by simply drilling a hole in the cap to run a loop of twine through that’s knotted inside the cap, then filling the bottles half full of cat litter to lend weight, these twenty Coca Cola containers have now become large and colorful decorations which will stand out wonderfully against the darkness of the tree itself and complement the lights with which it is strung.

Other residents will add their own forms of unique Christmas tree decoration to it, by which we’re all hoping to add another level of Christmas spirit to our community.

We’re already looking forward to the final results, and planning to do a little Christmas caroling around it as well to let the man who raised it for us know how much we appreciate the kindness of his efforts.

Sometimes all it takes to bring a community a little closer together is the idea of a unique Christmas tree decoration given out of the light of kindness which lives in all of our hearts.

Your comments to this post are more than welcome, and asked for in the spirit of this holy season in which I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Simply fill out the form below to bring them to my attention.

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