May 18, 2024

Unlocking the dark Closets of our lives requires only the Key of Forgiveness

The Key of Forgiveness

Unlocking the dark closets of our lives requires only the Key of Forgiveness to expose their contents to the fresh air and light of healing that forgiveness represents.

It’s the one and only key that seems to unlock them all. I know this from personal experience because I’ve used it to unlock more than a few of them over the course of my own lifetime. And it always works.

Being willing to use that key to find forgiveness of self or forgiveness of others and sometimes both is the only ingredient necessary, because all else will follow in the wake of choosing to use the Key of Forgiveness.

Everybody’s got at least one or more of these dark closets  in their lives to one degree or another.

Some of us have simply and quietly closed and locked those closet doors and done our best to ignore their presence in our life.

Others of us have barred, padlocked and welded them shut because of the deep pain associated with them, and then tossed a lifetime’s accumulation of other junk against them to banish what they represent from all sight sound and memory, hopefully forever.

But neither of those dark kinds of closets ever go away until the doors are opened to expose their contents.

They remain an implacable presence in the houses of our lives, continually sending out their disturbingly dissonant notes to pluck the strings of our hearts and our conscience. Imploring us to open those doors and let in the air and light of forgiveness that will allow their contents to be faced, and healing from their pains of origin to begin.

It’s not an easy thing to do when we’ve gone to such extremes to shut them out of our consciousness, but it’s necessary if we ever want our lives to find a fullness of meaning and joy that’s able to transcend all the junk we’ve  thrown into those dark closets of our lives over the course of years gone by.

The fresh air and light of Spring cleaning is always a good metaphor to use when we think about an excuse to clean our real houses and the closets they contain, to confront all the junk accumulated in them over the months of Winter.

Likewise no Spring house cleaning of our metaphysical houses of life is complete either unless we allow the healing fresh air and light of forgiveness into all of the dark closets  it contains as well.

Each of us carries a Key of Forgiveness within us. It lives in our hearts, and requires only the willingness to reach for it to unlock our dark closets to allow the freshness of that healing air and light to flow into it.

The real season of Spring has arrived on the calendar this year, another opportunity presented to clean the house you live in.While you’re at it, why not  clean your metaphysical house this Spring too.

Unlocking the dark closets of our lives requires only the Key of Forgiveness to unleash the fullness of life’s meaning and joys that’s waiting inside them to be discovered.

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