December 2, 2023

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song ‘The Rose’

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney sings ‘The Rose’

Britain’s X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song, The Rose, brought the audience to it’s feet in a standing ovation and massive roaring tribute to the 34 year old singer’s incredible voice, and to his emotionally powerful and perfectly pitched delivery of this classically descriptive song about love.

As I’ve noted before in these posts where I’ve presented musical interludes for your enjoyment, there are few songs or artists singing them which truly grab me by the heart and cause me to play and replay them endlessly. But this particular singer and his version of such a beautiful song is another special one that’s managed to achieve this rare status.

I quite simply can’t stop listening to it’s beauty, meaning and powerful delivery over and over and over again day after day…and each time still find my heart continuing to swell with the emotions evoked by it.

With a personal story background that in itself touches the heart openly and honestly, British singer Christopher Maloney arrived at the audition in the company of family members and the one person who had consistently believed in and encouraged the talent within him – his 76 year old grandmother, whom he had moved in with to take care of following his grandfather’s death.

His self confidence severely shaken by people’s ongoing discouragement of his singing ability, Christopher’s key reason for wanting to sing in audition was based both on the love for his grandmother who continued to believe in and encourage him, and the love of his grandfather at who’s funeral this beautiful song had been played in tribute to the man’s life.

Despite an overwhelming nervousness that had him shaking and rendered nearly speechless when he first walked onstage, judge Tulisa Contostavlos’s encouragement and questions helped him find the calm at the center of both his heart and his talent in preparation for singing.

You’ll have to see and listen for yourself to what resulted…and don’t be surprised if it amazes you and moves you to tears as it’s done so many times to me already too.

And be sure to watch this video in its entirety. You’ll be touched by his struggle to gain control and by his visible emotions after singing, and delighted when you see him bring his grandmother onstage following his performance to see their evident love for each other and the shining pride she shows in her grandson’s achievement. When you hear the judge’s comments concerning his talent and performance, and the crowd’s reaction to those comments following her arrival onstage, you’ll fully understand the magnitude of what he’s accomplished.

The joyously happy and deeply heartfelt loving hug which grandmother and grandson share at the end of the video will make you smile in joy right along with them.

Very few male vocalists have even attempted to sing this particular song, and I think you’ll agree that Christoper’s version may well be one of the most powerful renditions of it ever sung with such passion, and with such a genuinely deep expression of the love which inspired it’s singing in this audition.

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney’s stunning version of Bette Midler’s song The Rose has already propelled him near to the top of the list of potential winners, and I find myself hoping with all my heart that he does win, because I think he truly deserves to for the sake of the great love shown in its singing.



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